The day I discovered Medium

How it happened? Hmmmm I don’t really remember. In fact, it has only been a few months now but it feel like ages.

 I believe I was recommended an article to read and the said article was published on the platform and like for most social networks, I was invited to sign in in order to like the article, and there it all started.

There started my love story with Medium. 

Medium is a blogging platform created in 2012 by Evan Williams and Bid Stone, respectively founders of Twitter and Blogger. The aim of this minimalist blogging platform was to give all the space to the content and the audience.

Indeed, based on the large data base, a writer may have more chance to get attention on its notes than on a standard blogging platform.

Personally, Medium has  just changed my world and gave me an open source for inspiration. Just to measure the impact, it is after reading an incredible article on boosting creativity by a blogger who had taken a 365-day blogging challenge that I decided to re-open this space. In two days, I moved from Mondoblog to here, I bought the domain name and I started my challenge. It has not been 100% respected and I feel it but still, I would never had expected to bring it so far.

More generally, when I subscribed to Medium, I was invited to choose some keywords in order to receive appropriate content for reading. I selected entrepreneur, life lessons, music and since then I have been receiving a daily feed of incredible articles.

On Medium, people really craft their content. U really have awesome writers, nobody’s to inspiring celebrities ( Barack Obama and the WhiteHouse share great content). It is a space for inspiration, very free from rotten ads and with no active demand for extras socialisation.

I am amazed as I feel this is a very differentiated platform. On Medium, you connect with an active audience, eager to learn, discuss and generally on a very professional and respectful tone.

On Medium,I have read some great stories, discovered inspirational leaders/coaches and generally opened more to the world.

Every day, I have my dose of energy, awesome inspiration and positiveness just by choosing the right article in my daily feed and believe me, there is always one.

Medium invites to relaxation, to cutting from the noise and for a social network to have achieved that kind of user experience, it is just awesome.

In short, if you have not yet registered on Medium, go get it. It is not as fancy as Snapchat or Instagram but it is worth every second you will spend on it.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Love, Anna♦

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