Self-Ish, the perfect discovery

Dear Guests,

There we go, with the second post of the week on “La Case D’Anna”. Welcome to you if this is the first time. Take a seat, enjoy the moment and feel free to come back or share.

In the meantime, I am presenting Self-Ish. Yesterday, i mentioned this new creative space which I was so pleased to discover.

Self-Ish is the new baby of the outstanding blogger (for me) that is Anne-Marie Befoune, blogging on citizenship and civil activism, just hereContinue reading “Self-Ish, the perfect discovery”


The day I discovered Medium

How it happened? Hmmmm I don’t really remember. In fact, it has only been a few months now but it feel like ages.

 I believe I was recommended an article to read and the said article was published on the platform and like for most social networks, I was invited to sign in in order to like the article, and there it all started.

There started my love story with Medium.  Continue reading “The day I discovered Medium”