How social networks can demotivate

Have you ever felt social media could be a living demotivator? Being it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? 

Seriously, we all have at least one of those friends which annoys us. Always pretty, always well dressed, supposedly great life achievements, big posts, all about big noise.

On top of the fancy ones, you have even more real achievers, inspiring figures, getting from one project to another, marketing it, talking about it, sharing the achievements, when you are still struggling with that one possibly big project which for now, is still close to nothing (or so you think, it is easier to belittle yourself).  Continue reading “How social networks can demotivate”


The day I discovered Medium

How it happened? Hmmmm I don’t really remember. In fact, it has only been a few months now but it feel like ages.

 I believe I was recommended an article to read and the said article was published on the platform and like for most social networks, I was invited to sign in in order to like the article, and there it all started.

There started my love story with Medium.  Continue reading “The day I discovered Medium”