Battling with a blogging challenge

This week, WordPress celebrated my birthday: 5 years of blogging. 5 years!

When I launched my first blog, LaBiblioAfro, I did not expect it to last for that long, neither when I launched La Case d’Anna one year after. Still, I am Here.

What am I doing here exactly? I do wonder sometimes. I wonder even more since I have launched that #postadaychallenge, and I keep on launching it back.

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Du drame d’un challenge à recommencer

Encore partie pour écrire un roman de mon challenge qui s’avère tout sauf aisé.

Et oui, depuis le 03 Janvier, je n’ai rien publié ici malgré ce challenge passionnant d’écrire tous les jours. Pourquoi ? Comme on dit chez moi, la vie n’est pas facile. Pourquoi je reprends? Tchieeeee parce que la vie n’est pas facile.

Plus sérieusement, tout ce que j’ai appris, je veux continuer à le développer. Qu’ai-je donc appris ?

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I am evolving, would you follow me?

Hello Hello here,

Since December, I have been quite silent though active on this space (do you love the new design and organization?).

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A Tale of November and Life Lessons

Back here, back to writing, back to expressing the thoughts, the melted thinking into words.

November has been a tough month for me and  at the same time full of infinite pieces of learning. I thought I did not have the time to write, or more importantly, I did not want to write. Indeed, I had the feeling that if I wrote, I could let out some of those truths which I wanted to keep personal.

Nevertheless I am back here, it is December, last month of the year and I feel immensely GRATEFUL.

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