5 Keys to Define and Achieve your Priorities

Fake it, twist it, do it until it becomes second nature. That is the tough road  I learned to choose to define and achieve my priorities

It sometimes so easy to dream awake of who you want to be or where you want to go. It is much more tough to make it happen and to strive for it consistently every single day. Some may say: how come? “It is all about passion”, some others would think. And they would be right but as I have already told you, passion is everything but the new sexy. Continue reading “5 Keys to Define and Achieve your Priorities”


A Tale of November and Life Lessons

Back here, back to writing, back to expressing the thoughts, the melted thinking into words.

November has been a tough month for me and  at the same time full of infinite pieces of learning. I thought I did not have the time to write, or more importantly, I did not want to write. Indeed, I had the feeling that if I wrote, I could let out some of those truths which I wanted to keep personal.

Nevertheless I am back here, it is December, last month of the year and I feel immensely GRATEFUL.

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Burn out, chut, on n’en parle pas…

En 1969, pour la première fois est évoqué le mot “Burn Out” ou encore syndrome d’épuisement professionnel.

 Auparavant, identifié au sein de certaines fonctions à risques, de par la part d’implication émotionnelle qu’elles comportaient (travailleurs sociaux, enseignants, professions médicales), aujourd’hui le burn out  est admis comme un risque lié au travail tout simplement.

L’Organisation Mondiale de La Santé (OMS) le décrit comme ” un sentiment de fatigue intense, de perte de contrôle et d’incapacité à aboutir à des résultats concrets au travail”.

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Feeling Good

About feeling good and other ramblings

I have tried to write a post three times today (this is the third) with different subjects without exactly getting there. Somehow I can understand, I am feeling hungry (though I have more than ate), got some vertigo and basically feeling dizzy.

Still, I found the strength to dance. Yeah, in the past fourty minutes, I have been dancing hard on some afrobeat, choosing only THE songs which will make me dance like crazy. In that sense, Africa is beautiful. Sounds, abi, that is one of her strengths, so many talents, so much energy, so much creativity. Continue reading “About feeling good and other ramblings”


Stay Busy, Stay Alive

Yeah stay busy!

This is the lesson I have learnt in the past two to three months. Indeed, sometimes life hits you hard. This tends to happen especially when you have taken big resolutions: I will be positive every single day, no regrets, I want to be happy, etc. Have you not read the quote: “Life is A Bitch”?  Continue reading “Stay Busy, Stay Alive”