Self-Ish, the perfect discovery

Dear Guests,

There we go, with the second post of the week on “La Case D’Anna”. Welcome to you if this is the first time. Take a seat, enjoy the moment and feel free to come back or share.

In the meantime, I am presenting Self-Ish. Yesterday, i mentioned this new creative space which I was so pleased to discover.

Self-Ish is the new baby of the outstanding blogger (for me) that is Anne-Marie Befoune, blogging on citizenship and civil activism, just here

She is supported in this crazy adventure by another terrific blogger, the prolific and inspired Tchassa Kamga. Tchassa blogs about everything and nothing. He writes poetry, talks about IT (a lot) as he is really passionate about the evolution of internet and the way it recreates social links. He loves podcasts, and has decided not so long ago to become a great podcaster. He is hungry for words, passionate about blogging and I love debating with him. If you want to start debating too, feel free on his space.

So what is Self-ish? It is an open platform on my favorite social media network Medium (this is why I love it). Medium, I believe inspires intimacy, freedom of speech and creativity. It is a platform full of beautiful minds which sharings and thoughts are permanent sources of inspiration. I believe Anne-Marie & Tchassa were therefore caught by this virus of creativity and openess. They therefore decided to share a bit with us through this Medium Channel, simply entitled Self-ish.

On the platform, they will present some of their passions and permanent thoughts. On the platform, they will namely write daily (the idea I most love about it). They have already defined some general topics: content creation, personal development and relationships. Plus, they have already started publishing and I would recommend this epic post by Tchassa. He talks about failure, proscratination and all other stuff that you have surely often read about but never in a so personal, intimate and inspiring way.

What I would recommend you to do now:

  1. Create a medium account here (you can subscribe with some of your other social network accounts).
  2. Follow the Self-ish channel here
  3. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or write an e-mail note
  4. Share this post as much as possible,

Thanks Befoune and Tchassa to get African and especially Cameroonian blogging to its highest with this kind of bold moves. Be assured you have a reader and a fan just here.

Love, Anna♦

4 thoughts on “Self-Ish, the perfect discovery

  1. “Medium, I believe inspires intimacy, freedom of speech and creativity.”
    This is almost the exact words Tchassa used to convince me to follow him on Medium. The guy is a visionary !

    Thank you Keds. We did not know when we created Self-Ish that our story and history will captivate. I am happy you like it, I am happy you feel inspired by it, and I am happy you took the time to introduce people to our publication.

    Thanx a million.

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