Why actions speak louder than ideas…

Ideas come in and come out, and there is sometimes just no way to keep them in your mind. Deficit of attention, lack of concentration? Does those words ring a bell in your head?

Ever since I remember, I have always been a person, a kid with too many ideas, one every second. When I was a little girl, I even went to the extent of imagining plays in our courtyard. I was alone, and I would play different characters, a doctor, its nurses, up to the end of my play. The point was to let out the ideas that I had.  Continue reading “Why actions speak louder than ideas…”


That day you realise, you are more of the quiet type

I am a big idealist, sometimes over-optimistic about life, the world and with a strong will to help others around me. Still, I just realized recently (in fact a few minutes ago), that I am more of the quiet type. This sentence in the whole may seem to mean nothing, but for me, it means everything.

Have you ever seen those people in a group that are the most seen? Each time, they integrate a project, they become the leading hand, the voice of it all even though sometimes (and sometimes only) there are not the ones achieving the most of it. In the project, you would have some other persons, who can eventually be the lead or not, but don’t seem to be. They would coordinate, follow-up, ensure things are rightly done but are not interested in recognition, awards, and would even tend to minimize the work achieved by themselves.  Continue reading “That day you realise, you are more of the quiet type”


How do you choose between sense of purpose and sense of responsibility?

Hi People,

These days, I am kind of more in an English mood. Don’t know if I should feel sorry about that. In fact, I don’t.

L’anglais tout comme le français est une langue qui m’a bercée très tôt (cinq ans) et j’ai toujours trouvé qu’elle avait une certaine poésie lorsqu’il s’agissait de parler d’émotions, de se dévoiler, de s’écrire. L’anglais est mon chemin vers la créativité, vers l’imaginaire.Une fois cette parenthèse refermée, disons aurevoir au français.

And welcome back to English, for which I said I was not sorry. I will also not be sorry tonight to use this unique tool, by WordPress called Daily Prompt, one single word meant to drive your creativity and ignite the fuel of writing. Today, the prompt is Purpose.

I  will not be sorry to use it as it just came, right on time, right on purpose (you see, I told you) for the thoughts that went through my mind. When we are kids, we often think about future, in French they say “Un jour quand je serai grand”, for some that is when sense of purpose starts. Continue reading “How do you choose between sense of purpose and sense of responsibility?”


How “Piece by Piece” moved me

Hello People,

Have you ever thought about this “we never know how far we are broken until we start repair”?

This sentence was inspired to me by Kelly Clarkson and her profound song “Piece by Piece”. Being it the lyrics or being her emotional performance during the latest season of American Idol, you can only be touched. Continue reading “How “Piece by Piece” moved me”