Why actions speak louder than ideas…

Ideas come in and come out, and there is sometimes just no way to keep them in your mind. Deficit of attention, lack of concentration? Does those words ring a bell in your head?

Ever since I remember, I have always been a person, a kid with too many ideas, one every second. When I was a little girl, I even went to the extent of imagining plays in our courtyard. I was alone, and I would play different characters, a doctor, its nurses, up to the end of my play. The point was to let out the ideas that I had. 

Therefore, I started writing early, initialy in secret books. I think I got my first one in primary school and another one in high school (which is still existing up to now). In that second secret book, I wrote up to business ideas. I also wrote practical ideas of how I wanted my life to be, what I wanted to have achieved and I what age.

Still, I tend to believe I often lived too much with ideas, and not always with the actions backing up those ideas. More practically, I can say I did not try the ideas as soon as I had them, and sometimes I just failed to remember them.

I read two articles today on my inspiration platform Medium, one from Thomas Oppong and the second from Jon Westenberg. They both stroke me and made me feel a little bit guilty as the end game was the same: ideas are great, actions are better.

Yeah generating ideas can be a tough path, but when you have the chance to get those ideas more easily than others and you do nothing out of them, it is really a mess. No one, if you die tomorrow will remember your ideas, but everyone will remember what you tried, achieved, being it great or not.

For example, if I was to die tomorrow, everyone will remember that I gave birth to a wonderful girl who makes all smile at home, every instant of her presence. People who don’t know me personnaly and have often stopped here, will remember my articles (some that I don’t even remember myself) and may feel happy, grateful for what i shared with them.  Others, will remember what my company “PROLIXE” meant to me, and that at least it existed.

All these three examples are related to ideas. My daughter was born from a conscious decision/idea of being a mother, brought to live as a gift from God. This blog, in its actual form was born from an idea of having a beautiful space to share my numerous ideas with the world, and eventually make the world better (silly, LOL, don’t care). PROLIXE was born in my head in 2008, and actually brought to live in 2015 with the will of bringing strategic marketing to its best in Cameroon and Africa. Ideas, just ideas.

The two inspiration articles which I read today (I would say three because my friend Tchassa Kamga, also brought some light in), reminded me to take more worth in my ideas, stop complaining about what life should give me, should have given, and just throw myself in the world.

Perfection is my worst ennemy and is most people worst ennemy. You look at yourself, you look at others, you feel like something is missing. It is all in your head. Where you are is where you must be. Where you are is where you meant to be. If you don’t feel confortable, work hard on changing it, think it through, process it, and implement your ideas for change. Don’t look across the road at your neighbour. Don’t look at that movie star. Don’t look at anybody else but you and trust what you have/want to give.

I am writing this post for me, as a reminder. Last week, I was moody, ressentful, despite having worked on an incredible experience. Why? It didn’t go the way I wanted. I felt tired and I felt I had given up on my priorities. Moreover, I had the impression that I was not focusing enough on me. Ideas, thoughts, most of them negative. Coming back on this post will be an opportunity to focus on positive ideas, to bring the ideas from thoughts to actions. It will be my indication on the path to follow to keep my life progressing in the right way.

I just wrote about ideas, thoughts, actions. I do hope reading this post was of help to you. Did it ring a bell? Do you have more to say? Share with me (and us, the readers), here, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Love, Anna♦

PS: And just in case, you did not clearly see the link to my inspirations for the day, I am mentioning them here. Take the time to read them too,

  1. Be You, the whole you and nothing but you by Thomas Oppong  (Founder @Alltopstartups. Curator at Columnist at Inc.)
  2. 10 Hard Truths About Making things by Jon Westenberg (I’m Jon Westenberg. I want to change your world.
  3. I can’t wait for inspiration by Tchassa Kamga ( I’m Tchassa Kamga. I do a lot of things — all involve some form of storytelling. I’m passionate about creative wowork, self-improvement and owning one’s emotions.)

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