How “Piece by Piece” moved me

Hello People,

Have you ever thought about this “we never know how far we are broken until we start repair”?

This sentence was inspired to me by Kelly Clarkson and her profound song “Piece by Piece”. Being it the lyrics or being her emotional performance during the latest season of American Idol, you can only be touched.

I was touched for so many reasons. The relationships, the issue, the words. Piece by piece, that is exactly it. When you are broken, you don’t know how far you are broken until you are dropping edge. Moreover, when you decide to take the path of repair, it is not magical. It does not happen in five seconds. It takes to put back each piece, one after the other. It requires patience, it requires to fall back at times (you know like those kids dominos, who just fall apart when you try to put the last piece), it requires to continue within the falling and standing back process and sometimes, often, it requires help. This help can be a man, a companion, this help can be a mother, a sister, this help can be a stranger with some kind words, this help can be whoever is needed at the time but the help is needed. And still, it will be piece by piece, bit by bit, step by step.

So yeah, I was touched because that woman nailed it all. It is so easy to get broken. I mean, just consider a glass, which falls and gets broken apart. It happens in a twist of seconds. Minutes ago it was there, seconds after it is just a scratch of small and small pieces for which it would take hours to glue and mend it. Therefore, we just throw the glass away. What about our lives, what about ourselves? Can we throw our lives away? Some do, and we call it suicide. Some try and the effects are permanent, we call it suicide attempt, drug/alcohol addiction, or any other kind of self-destruction method. Some just say “STOP, I want to mend, whatever the time it take” and time it will take indeed. For Kelly, the song suggests that it took more than 20 years. Left down the road at six years old and being able to write and open up so many years after.

What more to say, we can be broken, we can be in despair, but we always have the choice and we should keep the faith. As a christian, I believe God is also of a great help. Bit by bit, piece by piece, he can mend you back. But even if you don’t believe in God or in the Christian God, there is always room to get back to your feet. Don’t let rough experiences, several turmoils give you the impression that you can never be happy, you can never get there. Don’t let the wrong persons give you a permanent wrong impression about human beings. Piece by piece, you can get back to love yourself and share/give back the love. Piece by Piece, you can find your way, your space.

Piece by Piece, you can get there. Thanks to my loving sis, Miss Hopeful Deb for this wonderful sharing. Thanks to those who helped me go through difficult times. Thanks to Kelly Clarkson for this inspiring piece of work.

Blessings to all readers. What are your thoughts on falling and rising? What are your thoughts on overcoming your barriers? Feel free to share in the comments.

Featured Picture Credits: http://www.youtube.com

Love, Anna♦

PS:  Day 1 of my 365 Day Blogging Challenge.

7 thoughts on “How “Piece by Piece” moved me

  1. What is worst is that u can come to the point where you think that being broken is normal… that all people/men are like that. And then one day, someone comes and piece by piece rebuilds you, rebuilds your vision. It takes time, efforts and faith. Faith in you, faith in your helpers……. Merci Keds d’avoir re-partagé cet article et cette chanson. Cette chanson est topissime!

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  2. Well said dear Anna. Our failures are a great opportunity for us to learn from our mistakes and come back more stronger, experience life differently and explore new dimensions of life. It takes time but you need to keep faith and also, true friends can really be helpful.
    Warm regards.


    1. Girl, this is so real.
      Testimonies also helps people feeling broken to understand that we got there too, even deeper, but we also move out, standing more and more stronger for harder challenges


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