How do you choose between sense of purpose and sense of responsibility?

Hi People,

These days, I am kind of more in an English mood. Don’t know if I should feel sorry about that. In fact, I don’t.

L’anglais tout comme le français est une langue qui m’a bercée très tôt (cinq ans) et j’ai toujours trouvé qu’elle avait une certaine poésie lorsqu’il s’agissait de parler d’émotions, de se dévoiler, de s’écrire. L’anglais est mon chemin vers la créativité, vers l’imaginaire.Une fois cette parenthèse refermée, disons aurevoir au français.

And welcome back to English, for which I said I was not sorry. I will also not be sorry tonight to use this unique tool, by WordPress called Daily Prompt, one single word meant to drive your creativity and ignite the fuel of writing. Today, the prompt is Purpose.

I  will not be sorry to use it as it just came, right on time, right on purpose (you see, I told you) for the thoughts that went through my mind. When we are kids, we often think about future, in French they say “Un jour quand je serai grand”, for some that is when sense of purpose starts.

U can have that bigger vision of yourself, dream about open and wide possibilities to achieve something that will last and last forever. However, it may always be blocked, by your responsibilities. In short, human beings seem not be able to do what they want, to achieve their inner purpose, each time this purpose will fall against their sense of responsibility.

Responsibility is driven by your family background, your education, the environment you grew up in, the role you believe you have in your family, community, friend circle, etc.. I often felt that life could so easily get you  to change all your plans just to stand for a responsibility, and it used to make me sick.

Indeed, sense of purpose seemed sexy, edgy, wide, sense of responsibility appeared rigid, closed, uninteresting. Sense of purpose seemed to be the open way to happiness and excitement while sense of responsibility could only link to boredom.

But what if? What if you could build your life to follow this two senses, to create harmony between them? What if, it all stood in your hands to have the life you want despite all hurdles? What if your condition did not describe your future? What if you always had the choice?

Purpose is hard to achieve. Responsibility is easy to accept. It took me time to realize it and now  I fight for both. I believe a unique and happy life will come with the right balance of both. It is tough, I feel it, I sense it. It is easy to let go and I choose to stand still. Indeed, there are times when one can feel everything is going upside down and your purpose becomes vain. Watch out, because this is when we should be the most hungry to achieve it. It demands I believe, to be honest, it demands sometimes to do the healthy compromises with responsibilities. It demands to have an honest look at yourself and close all ugly windows. It demands patience, it demands time. But as I said, I feel you can end up achieving your purpose while always staying true to your responsibilities.

Purpose vs responsibility or purpose and responsibility? Share your thoughts in comments? It is more fun to discuss. Hope this post finally made some sense. I hope I dit not exercise too much of my creative freedom. Speak soon.

Love, Anna♦


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