Passion, The new sexy we should stop…

What is a passion? How do you decide something is really a passion for you? Passion is apparently the new sexy just as entrepreneur tends to be. 

Through coaches, or professional magazines, we are everyday encourage to discover that inner passion of ours. We are encouraged to identify that one and unique driver and FOCUS on the ways to make MONEY out of it.

Finding our passion, and living from it, is supposed to make us happier, more productive and so on and so forth. All over, it is always supposed to bring along positive energy. It just feels like with a PASSION, you have no stress, hurdles don’t – exist and coworkers suddenly become perfect angels (coworkers- I imagine your eyebrow raised LOL– who said a passion is necessarily being your own boss? Take a deep breath and WAKE UP!).

In the meantime, what if you have never identified your passion, despite so many tests? What if you have a WHOLE BUNCH of passions and therefore can adapt to everything/anything? What if you even had a SOLE passion but you have no financial means to work from it and expect a decent living?

Moreover, how can we just expect that working on our passion would be the end of all our difficulties? How can we expect that we will never loose motivation? What happens when you move from one passion to another, because you are just incapable to focus and more importantly, you are not willing to go through the challenges which always come along? How can you believe that all stories have their good and bad sides?

Please Dearest coaches, Please Dearest Entrepreneurs, Please Extra motivated workers, stop the crap! Passion is not and will never be the new magic. Passion is not THAT magic formula’s which would change your life, without you investing in that change. Find below a few lessons that I have learnt in the course of following my passion:

  • *Passion is a motive*, not the end. Find your inner goal, visualize it and make it happen!
  • Passion must be linked to your personality.  Straight example. You dream since you are five of being a wonderful Doctor. You finish high school and you launch the studies. Medical studies is about learning by heart. You  have always hated learning by heart. Result: You will probably fail the studies. Result 2: You can’t be a doctor.
  • No one has one passion. Passion evolves with time, interests, experience. Some can be there for ages (I love dancing, reading and writing since I am a kid), but will not necessarily earn you a leaving (Should I have thought about becoming a professional dancer? Maybe but for me, it was never a wish or a dream).
  • Lifestyle is as important as the passion. You have always thought about professional modelling, and at the same time, you have always seen yourself as a mother of three with a loving husband before you turn 30. Ideally, this may be possible (Cindy Crawford and other models are married and happy mums), but it supposes at some point to move from modelling to a new career.  Your expectations can just mean that modelling is not for YOU.

Those are just some introduction thoughts. Passion and following your passion, are subjects for books. Therefore pursuing the analysis of this “theory” could and will probably mean several other posts from me (in case, the inspiration is still there).

In the meantime, for a completely different point of view, read this interesting article from Forbes, on the subject.

Still dear guests, those are just my thoughts. Take a seat, and share yours in the Comment Section. For you, what is a passion? Do you consider working and being successful is all about passion? I would be glad to hear from you.

Love, Anna♦

6 thoughts on “Passion, The new sexy we should stop…

  1. Sucess isnt always based on passion or on interest. Success comes with what you do “the best”. The real pb is that, what you do best may not be something interesting for you loool. Some people may consider successful as living from their passion even if its isnt enough to put food on the table. Lol you i want to write on the meaning of being successful because of you looool. Passion for me is the ice, the strawberrie, the toping that fuels you to continue when times get rough. And as you said passion doesnt make it all.

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