Parler de soi, et le bien que ça peut faire..

Ma muse Befoune a écrit que pour parler de soi, il faut bien définir la limite à ne pas franchir.J’ai eu moi-même l’occasion de vérifier cette assertion, il y a très peu de temps.

Dans l’un des rares groupes Whatsapp dont je fais partie, le président a eu une idée superbe. Lancer un “Lady Guest” et “Gentleman Guest”. C’est une soirée durant laquelle, un membre du groupe est nominé pour parler de soi en face du groupe. Des questions lui sont posées, sans restriction par les membres. L’initiative a été lancée depuis deux à trois semaines, et Vendredi dernier c’était mon tour.  Continue reading “Parler de soi, et le bien que ça peut faire..”


Devenons libre

“Quels sont les graviers, les petits cailloux dans ma chaussure qui rendent ma marche difficile ?”

De cette pensée chrétienne que je reçois tous les jours, je tire souvent de riches enseignements et réflexion pour la journée ou tout simplement pour la vie. Les deux lignes ci-dessus constituent le résumé de la pensée du jour et ont tout particulièrement attirées mon attention.
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What if you strived for the best version of you?

What are your goals in life? What do you wish to achieve? Where do you intend to go? Those are often the questions we are asked and which we can ask ourselves.

To all those questions and answers, I have one and only answer: “Be the best version of me”. My objective in life is and has always been to be the best version of me. For each of us, God has a plan, a beautiful plan. This plan can sometimes be full of difficulties. This plan can seem harassing, you can feel like you will never overcome it. Still, it is there and you need to understand it.

I don’t know if everyone should strive for this objective, but what if you tried. Can you realize what it really means for you? Indeed, we often go about wishing children, a husband, a good job, money,  recognition, achievement, and so on and so forth. We generally wish to name the happiness, but please tell me, how can we name happiness? How are we supposed to name it? Is not a feeling, a wish, a sensation.  Continue reading “What if you strived for the best version of you?”


How social networks can demotivate

Have you ever felt social media could be a living demotivator? Being it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? 

Seriously, we all have at least one of those friends which annoys us. Always pretty, always well dressed, supposedly great life achievements, big posts, all about big noise.

On top of the fancy ones, you have even more real achievers, inspiring figures, getting from one project to another, marketing it, talking about it, sharing the achievements, when you are still struggling with that one possibly big project which for now, is still close to nothing (or so you think, it is easier to belittle yourself).  Continue reading “How social networks can demotivate”

I am here because I hurt

Few months ago, I invited you, dear reader, to discover me on this special space of mine, this virtual home brought from Mondoblog, all back to an individual space on WordPress.

This was one in the many changes which I had gone through and was going through since 2016 had started, and the last quarter of 2015 had went through. In fact, it is nearly one year now, since I went through some of the biggest changes in my life. Continue reading “I am here because I hurt”