What if you strived for the best version of you?

What are your goals in life? What do you wish to achieve? Where do you intend to go? Those are often the questions we are asked and which we can ask ourselves.

To all those questions and answers, I have one and only answer: “Be the best version of me”. My objective in life is and has always been to be the best version of me. For each of us, God has a plan, a beautiful plan. This plan can sometimes be full of difficulties. This plan can seem harassing, you can feel like you will never overcome it. Still, it is there and you need to understand it.

I don’t know if everyone should strive for this objective, but what if you tried. Can you realize what it really means for you? Indeed, we often go about wishing children, a husband, a good job, money,  recognition, achievement, and so on and so forth. We generally wish to name the happiness, but please tell me, how can we name happiness? How are we supposed to name it? Is not a feeling, a wish, a sensation. 

I have often wondered myself, as I used to think that the things which were important are all of the othe ones named above, plus so many others which I would save you to read. Yeah, I used to believe happiness is about the things you have, the things you achieve. In a way, it is not totally wrong to think that way, namely about achievements. Still, in my evolution path, and namely in the last twelve months (yeah only now but is never too late), I finally realised that there is far more to life. As a christian, I am not sure I will be able to be a saint, but I would definitely like to limitate my share of sins. How can it be achieved if I don’t do my best to be a better person?How can it be achieved if I don’t look at those things wich downgrade me?

Practising the focus on me, and being a better person from my perspective, I feel better, much more better. I feel closer to accomplishment, and truly I feel happy. I feel happy because I am able to better take advantage of the gifts that I have. As striving to be the best version of me, I take counts of my goods (and bads) but more importantly of my achievements. I track and measure my progress and celebrate silently. I still have many aspects that I would like to improve, several changes that I would like to achieve but the journey is inspiring, encouraging.

To be the best version of me, I have also digged into entourage, chasing away the negative and keeping only the realest. I have chased away those I coud not help and that carrying as a load made the path too difficult. To be the best version of me, I limit my attachment to others, in other to avoid unecessary dissapointment. I expect nothing in order not to be deceived. I give and receive. What I receive, I try to take the best of it. I don’t focus on changing people, but I focus on being a better me. I don’t focus on judging people, I admit that evolution is a personal and unique path which each and everyone has to achieve for his own. Therefore, you can try to help when proposed to, when feeling it can be listened to, but generally everyone has to strive objectively for the best version of himself.

Countless times, we will go along websites for self-development coaches, being inspired by their proposals, their recommendations. Sometimes, they can be life changers, they really can, but sometimes we will just follow other people’s dreams. Therefore, “being the best version of you”, that is my life changer, my life achievement. It means a lot to me and I truly believe it could help others, this is why I am sharing it.

So therefore, you are not obliged to believe this could help you. You can totally think the contrary but for me, it is working so why being selfish and keeping it for me?

Enjoy your week. Blessings to each and every person which will stop by to read this post. The most important: Be the best version of you (yeah, I can’t stop, that is my mantra).

Love, Anna♦

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