3 Lessons learnt from a missed schedule

You slept early, you woke up early. You thought your day, your schedule had been perfectly crafted. Finally, everything goes upside down.

The child wakes up too early, the nanny comes too late. Therefore, you are the edge of calling it a missed day, a missed schedule.

This was me this morning. When it happens, only two choices: peace or stress. Some months ago, i would have chosen stress. I would have felt nervous all day. I may have cancelled all my appointments, felt like not going out and spending the day complaining. On the next day, I would have woke up late, giving myself the excuse that there was no point waking up early.

Today, I have chosen peace.

My daughter woke up early, great. Indeed, I can spend some time with her. Plus she woke up a little bit sick. I therefore had the time to check on her before leaving.

The nanny came late, no big deal. She had a valid reason and in the meantime, I managed to clean our room while waiting. Moreover, I also had some time to help my junior sister on an assignment she had.

Right now, I am going to an appointment which I was close to cancel this morning. On top of it, I am writing my article just as planned with a perfect topic 😃..

In short, my schedule has overall been maintained. What could have been an hectic Friday is still positive and productive. What do I learn from this?

1. Attitude determines everything

This is no new news. Our attitude in life determines 80% of how we feel and what we become. When I used to get nervous on every single situation, my days were rough. Moving from one “pressure” to another was a real pain. Now, a peaceful state of mind enables me to stand every challenge with ease.

2. A schedule is always useful

When your schedule is impacted, the quality of your planning enables you to adapt quickly. We all know it: ” failing to plan is planning to fail”. It has been weeks now that I have been working and practising on my daily routine and activities breakdown.

These weeks of planning and preparation now have these measurable effects: flexibility, adaptability, responsiveness

3. Life is an adventure that no schedule should stop us from leaving

Basically, all is in the sentence. If everything was exactly the same everyday, life would be extra dull. A slight change in your schedule is just an unexpected moment to go through.

Take it, bless it, enjoy it and just like me learn something out of it.

In conclusion, from a missed schedule, I created a whole blog post and I am closing with a smile. Wish you a bright Friday.

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Love, Anna❤

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