3 Lessons learnt from a missed schedule

You slept early, you woke up early. You thought your day, your schedule had been perfectly crafted. Finally, everything goes upside down.

The child wakes up too early, the nanny comes too late. Therefore, you are the edge of calling it a missed day, a missed schedule.

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5 Keys to Define and Achieve your Priorities

Fake it, twist it, do it until it becomes second nature. That is the tough road  I learned to choose to define and achieve my priorities

It sometimes so easy to dream awake of who you want to be or where you want to go. It is much more tough to make it happen and to strive for it consistently every single day. Some may say: how come? “It is all about passion”, some others would think. And they would be right but as I have already told you, passion is everything but the new sexy. Continue reading “5 Keys to Define and Achieve your Priorities”