Why I Would like Trump to win

Writer’s note: All opinions shared in this post are personal. I can be wrong, very wrong, but I am free and dear reader, you are free not to align. Keep it in mind while reading. No Polemic.

It’s been months since I think about writing this article. I am thinking about it since some Americans made it clear that Donald Trump was a valid alternative for them and deserved to be the elected candidate for one of the key Political party in the United States.

A few months ago, I wrote another article which was highlighting the racism underlying most of his interventions, but this was before. Right now, I wish he wins.

Indeed, sometimes human beings need to go through the most difficult hurdles to realise how blessed they are. Indeed, if you have a look at world history, it’s been 71 years since the End of World War Two and its numerous deaths. Since then, some countries have been individually fighting but it seems like the world has understood (or not) how peace can be priceless. It took two wars, horribles losses (both human and material) for a bit of understanding. 

In comparison, United States is currently the most powerful country in the world. Their supremacy and their economic lead may be currently threatened, namely by countries such as China, but still they lead the World. I believe, for a standard middle class American, this may not mean much in everyday practice, but still the fact is there. United States is also a country which is well served from an economic perspective, and still as compared to the rest of the world. They are blessed with peace, great infrastructures, health care of a good level (still as compared to others) and despite their poor wanderings in international affairs, they remain respected. In the past eight years, the figure of Barack OBAMA has definitely helped in that aspect (as far as I am concerned).

Despite all, Americans do not seem to measure their luck. They so much do not measure their luck, that the blame difficulties on others: mexicans, muslims, black, etc.. For the middle-class white american, America needs to get back to its origins (I always wondered which one exactly, when you considered this country was created from United Kingdom immigrants and slaves), take back its white supremacy (again, I still wonder on how those white supremacists would have done it withouth the black slaves), and take back its religion in order to avoid terrorism (I am pushing it a bit far, but have you forgotten Mr. Trump wants all muslims out?). On top of it, they want America to be handled by Americans (they say), not politicians, not Wall Street, etc (I still strive to understand how Donald Trump could be an exception).

For all these reasons, I truly believe this country should deserve to be served a Trump soup. When someone act as if he was the Savior back on earth, you really need to experience his salvation. When someone makes himself in politics, sound as Superman, and you want to believe him, you really deserve to get a taste of him. Personnally, I really want to see that superman, genius, so caring, so helpful, so different from all what politics has already served the world, become president.

This is indeed ironic, but I do believe that all those middle-class white american, who believe Donald TRUMP will positively impact their lives and that Barck OBAMA was a treachery, those people need to experience their wish, and get a proper lesson.

I don’t believe Mr. TRUMP will be very faithful to his promises. I don’t believe he will not serve more the interest of the rich. I believe he will be an horrible president, a disaster to the world, and though I am very afraid for the planet, I believe American Citizens should be given that lesson, the lesson of taking nothing you have for granted, at least for four years. Maybe, it will be a definitive help, for them to avoid such infamy afain. Maybe, it will help this country and its mixed people, understand how to live better together for once and for good. I hope it will be of those lessons you keep for a lifetime.

It will be easier for everyone if we don’t get there, but in case we do, they would have deserved to taste a bit of Donald.

Love, Anna♦

4 thoughts on “Why I Would like Trump to win

  1. Un phénomène ce gars. Il va de dérapages en dérapages mais il reste tjs aussi populaire chez l’américain lambda. Il fait que dire ce que tout le monde pense ou du moins la plupart… et ce serait drôle de voir ce que ça donne une fois élue….


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