Pourquoi je ne me remet toujours pas de Trump

Donald Trump est le président des Etats-Unis d’Amérique. Voici une phrase qui jusqu’à présent me semble toujours étrange.

Ok. Je ne suis pas américaine. De même, je ne suis jamais allée dans le pays en question. Pourtant, ce monsieur me perturbe.

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Donald Trump made it 😠😠

Yes, Donald J Trump since the 20th of January 2017 is officially president of the United States of America. And so what? Are you American, talk about Cameroon and your own problems?

Indeed, some could righteously wonder why I care so much about what happens in a country so far from mine. In fact, I had even decided to stay silent, or at least to wait for the first 100 days. In the meantime, he signed his decree banning entry to US from citizens of some Muslim countries, and I read this article from Al Jazeera News on the subject.

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Why I Would like Trump to win

Writer’s note: All opinions shared in this post are personal. I can be wrong, very wrong, but I am free and dear reader, you are free not to align. Keep it in mind while reading. No Polemic.

It’s been months since I think about writing this article. I am thinking about it since some Americans made it clear that Donald Trump was a valid alternative for them and deserved to be the elected candidate for one of the key Political party in the United States.

A few months ago, I wrote another article which was highlighting the racism underlying most of his interventions, but this was before. Right now, I wish he wins.

Indeed, sometimes human beings need to go through the most difficult hurdles to realise how blessed they are. Indeed, if you have a look at world history, it’s been 71 years since the End of World War Two and its numerous deaths. Since then, some countries have been individually fighting but it seems like the world has understood (or not) how peace can be priceless. It took two wars, horribles losses (both human and material) for a bit of understanding.  Continue reading “Why I Would like Trump to win”

Donald Trump ou le racisme sans scrupules

Le 21 mars célèbre chaque année la “Journée internationale pour l’élimination de la discrimination raciale”.
RACISME, définition :” idéologie qui, partant du postulat de l’existence de races humaines, considère que certaines races sont intrinsèquement supérieures à d’autres.”

A dire vrai, avant cette année 2016, je ne connaissais pas cette date. Je ne connaissais pas cette date et j’ai aucun souvenir d’une action phare qui  ait rappelé cette journée internationale à mon bon souvenir. C’est à croire que cette journée est peu célébrée et donc peu connue…  Je suis installée au Cameroun depuis  plus de sept ans, un pays peuplé de noirs, et comme il paraît que les noirs ne sont pas racistes, il n’y avait sans doute pas de raisons que j’observe une manifestation particulière ce jour là . Comme on dit parfois de certaines choses chez nous au Cameroun : “ça ce sont des problèmes de blancs” (et on n’est toujours pas racistes, je vous le dis !). Continue reading “Donald Trump ou le racisme sans scrupules”