A book is a book- Analog love

In the new era of communication, where all becomes numeric, all becomes digital, there are some habits, behaviors that just feel old-fashioned to the mass. I somehow mentioned some of it in this post where i was reflecting on our decade. Still, I needed to focus more on some of those habits and the positive impact they had in my life.

A book is a book, in other words, a book is a sum of papers, associated and folded. A book is a story. A book is an intimate world. A book can be cornered, some words can be highlighted, underlined. A book always smells different from another. A book is not an e-book. I have started reading some e-books, but I still don’t get used to them and I believe frankly, I will never be able to get used. For me, a book is without any doubt a story of paper, a story of ink. When I open that physical link, I dive into a world, a different place and for the time of the reading, all is at peace. I have no worries, no challenges, my life is just perfectly peaceful. I can laugh alone, I can cry, I can even shout sometimes when anticipating on a risk for one of the characters, and in short I am just somewhere else. This is what reading a book is meant to create for me, discovering, joining, diving into a new world and the paper, the ink are the magical attributes to create this connection.

Any analog passion on your side? Do you have some old-fashioned habits that remain and which you would in no way be ready to change? Just share and join the fun. Thanks to Erica for this nice prompt in the weekly wordpress Discover Challenge. It was really fun writing.

Love, Anna♦

2 thoughts on “A book is a book- Analog love

  1. J’en parlais hier avec Muriel je préfère de loin le papier. C’est vrai je le confesse je ne sais pas lire. J’ai une mémoire auditive donc à priori écouter un livre serait l’idéal pour moi. … mais le toucher du livre, pouvoir faire des notes ça n’a pas de prix…

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