How good it felt to be born in the 80’s

Where you born in the 80’s or early 90’s? If yes, do you often have some childhood memories? Do you measure how things were different back in the days?

 You could argue that change is completely ordinary. You could argue that each generation was a happy or sad victim of change. People born in the 60’s and 70’s, could already sense there were massive change which impacted the following generation, namely those from the 80’s or 90’s. For them (and therefore for us), the numeric revolution has characterized the 21st century and definitely impacted (positive or negatively).

Maybe, I should present it in another way, just talking about MY Childhood. When I was a child, I came to birth as the elderly, followed three years later by a junior brother suffering from autism. Though I have always felt a great connection with my lil brother and the love is complete, it was not easy to communicate and therefore play with him. So, in our big courtyard, I often wondered playing alone. Very soon, I started swimming and tennis classes (every Wednesday and Saturdays), just for my days to be all complete. At that time, there was very little access to cable therefore we just watched the national Television (in Cameroon) called CRTV (Cameroon Radio and Television) and this was even at specific times.

In short, I had no Tv per say, no computer (with internet), and I feel fulfilled. I would exercise my creativity in directing imaginary theater scenes, playing different characters, catching that habit of speaking alone (yeah I maybe a little mad LOL), because I would play out loud the parts of the different characters. Moreover, my mum was a fanatic of books so she very early bought me many books and I read with great passion. All this exercised my curiosity. I always felt like getting to know more of the world. I read so many different things that I created special characters. My father would give me the opportunity to read economic newspapers as from eight years old. And when finally we got the cable, TV was no more one of my priorities and this has stayed up to now with my thirty years old.

In the actual decade, you watch children as from one year old, watching TV for much of the day. You have some networks like TIJI (french Network) or MANGAS. Children namely in Africa or in my country Cameroon, get to discover a way of living that has sometimes no relationship with their day to day. They learn to early (in my view) about love. As from 3 to 5 years old, you see kids with a toy mobile phone or a toy computer. As soon as they go to primary school, some of them start using computers with parents.

This is great, those are surely other ways of learning competencies but what do we really give children as environment. Too early, they get on internet. Too early they are open to the world rather to learn how to know themselves. Too early, they open themselves to a world of selection rather than a world of infinite possibilities. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn new things, some will tell me there are e-books etc.. but I just feel children grow too fast, too early and lose their innocence without having built the right armor.

I cherish my childhood and I stand by it. Books, playing in the garden, sports, I opened to the world gradually with time, and in the right manner. We often complain about the way our society is getting evil, too consumerist, too focused on the instant. But what if, each time one of us gives birth, we just replicate the new model without one single tweak and one single doubt? What if, we had become industries for creation and breeding of consumerist children?

As usual, just sharing out some thoughts with you. How should we grow up our kids?  Though question. Will be pleased to hear back from you.

Love, Anna♦

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