How do you choose between sense of purpose and sense of responsibility?

Hi People,

These days, I am kind of more in an English mood. Don’t know if I should feel sorry about that. In fact, I don’t.

L’anglais tout comme le français est une langue qui m’a bercée très tôt (cinq ans) et j’ai toujours trouvé qu’elle avait une certaine poésie lorsqu’il s’agissait de parler d’émotions, de se dévoiler, de s’écrire. L’anglais est mon chemin vers la créativité, vers l’imaginaire.Une fois cette parenthèse refermée, disons aurevoir au français.

And welcome back to English, for which I said I was not sorry. I will also not be sorry tonight to use this unique tool, by WordPress called Daily Prompt, one single word meant to drive your creativity and ignite the fuel of writing. Today, the prompt is Purpose.

I  will not be sorry to use it as it just came, right on time, right on purpose (you see, I told you) for the thoughts that went through my mind. When we are kids, we often think about future, in French they say “Un jour quand je serai grand”, for some that is when sense of purpose starts. Continue reading “How do you choose between sense of purpose and sense of responsibility?”