Writer’s panic and life lessons

Woooh. What I had dread came so fast in the way. Few days ago, I took this challenge to write everyday for the next 365 days.This supposed for me, to go through my thoughts, and be able to be creative enough (I suppose), to share something  every single day. Plus, as my boo also mentioned it demanded even more RIGOR.

So here I am, one hour to midnight (in Cameroon) and with no clue on what I am going to write on today, or even tomorrow for what it says. What does that say of me? Am I over-ambitious (taking goals I cannot stand), am I everything but rigorous?

Credits: Prcoach.uk

? Can I confide in myself to achieve my goals in life if this little goal fails me? And here I go, thinking and writing, and here I go finally being able to put out some few words to share with you.

Therefore, here stands the lesson. In life, never give up on your ambitions, never give up on your goals, never give up on anything you have decided yourself to do. For a simple reason, no one is a genius, no one is perfect but we can all try to be the best version of ourselves, we can all try to get there.

So yeah, this post will not be considered as perfect. This post may even sound crappy and I will not blame anyone who would stop by and feel that way. But really, I don’t care because at the end of the day, this adventure is first of all a fantastic challenge to myself and each step forward is just another step I can be proud of.

Therefore, keep reading, come back here anytime and thanks for the support. I do appreciate especially this nice post from Leyopar, on my Facebook Page.

Keep taking the single and small steps everyday to achieve your dreams. As said in this very nice post from Jon Westenberg on Medium, “every journey starts with one step”.

Goodnight people and see you tomorrow!!! In the meantime, ever stumbled in front of an important goal? How did you manage? What tips would you like to share as well? Feel free in the comments section.

Love, Anna♦

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