5 things I am forever grateful for

Gratitude is one of the most uplifting feeling that exists on earth. Indeed, from my own experience, it gives you the strength and fuel to go through your days.

Therefore, when I saw the challenge launched by this sister of mine, I could only rush to participate. As part of Day 3 of the challenge, we were invited to mention 5, things we are grateful for in our life. So, here we go.

Before getting into the details, I would like to mention that it has been a very long time since I last wrote in English on this platform. I hope it will not chase away some of my frequent readers. You should know that I am originated from a bilingual country Cameroon. In this country, the two official languages are French and English. I have been blessed to learn the two at a very early age. Therefore, the two languages are part of me.

Now that context is set, back to subject: gratitude. What am I grateful for? So many things but this is the Top 5

Credits: La Case d’Anna 2018

1. The Lord’s Presence

Yes, I am so grateful to have grown in my christian faith. Through this growth, I feel the spirit around me. I feel the actions in my life, and it gives me an outmost peace. It also gives me the will and the courage to take bigger challenges because I have more confidence and I know I am not alone. I don’t face them alone. INFINITELY GRATEFUL.

2. My Daughter

My little angel, my princess, my boubou looool. I have so many names to describe this pure beauty that came into my life on the 28th of May 2016 (soon, she will be 2 years old). I am grateful for her presence. I am a fan of her character which is building (a generous and loving child). Observing and describing the strong bond we have built together could represent a whole book. Moreover, I know this bond is not a given and will need to be cherished all through our lives.

In fact, I just can’t describe all the changes she has brought to my life. Thus, thanks to her, I know that by grace of God, she will not be the last. Indeed, I just love the mummy’s job.

3. My Best Friends

Best friends are the family you choose for yourself. It can be strange to consider I mentioned best friends instead of family. Still, in my case, it makes greater sense. My first best friends are my sisters and some of my cousins. They are the best support system one would like to have in the world. Funny, intelligent, terribly honest, I just love them.

On top of my inner family circle, I have my tribe. In this tribe, I have my bestie Nani. I have known her since nearly 20 years. We are just the opposite of each other in temper (though I am getting closer to her with time). She does not live in Cameroon and at the best, we meet two times per year. She is my daughter’s Godmother and an incredible sister. I could not face life without her intelligence, her funny moods, her seriousness, her authenticity and so much more. Di, just a quick reminder that I love you!

In the last years, some people entered my life and just sat down forever. In the past ten years, I have met some exceptional persons who found the road of my heart and of my inner circle. You are the average of the five persons you are the closest too. Thanks to them, I am the average of exceptional persons: Mr Ghana, Befoune, AA, Naija Boy, 3V. Blessed with their love and care, I feel just like a Queen.

4. All the Lessons learnt

My life has been a sum of great personal adventures. Sometimes, I look back and I wonder on the length of the journey. For this, I am GRATEFUL. Grateful for the kind of education I can give to my daughter thanks to that. I also feel, that this could serve as inspiration for others and each time I am graced with sharing experience, I say Amen!

All the lessons learnt enabled me to focus on constant evolution and change. I don’t believe in a still personnality. Likewise the common thinking, I am truly confident you can work on changing to be the best version of yourself everyday. It’s a daily path for me and I am blessed for how I got there.

5. My Carreer

Oh yeah. Since I started working in Mid 2008, I have been doing epic stuff. Working on incredible projects, being given meanignful responsibilities, and doing what you like. Those are attributes which are not offered to everyone. Thank you is the best expression of my gratitude. Moreover, repaying to others on their support in being the professional I am.

As you can see, being grateful is more and more easy that we admit it. We get used to sending out prayers of complain instead of prayers of gratitude. Waking up each morning should already be a reason for a THANK YOU.

Are you ready to be filled with gratitude? What are those things and people you are grateful for? Share here, on Facebook or Twitter.

Love, Anna♥

PS: Challenge Day 3

2 thoughts on “5 things I am forever grateful for

  1. Nice one Anna😍,

    Being gratefull will always provide peace of mind and more attention from the loved ones .
    This is a great lesson, learning & testimony you are sharing with us…
    Really inspirational !!!😎
    Keep moving✌. .. Keep showing#LOVE❤

    Liked by 1 person

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