Why is it important to keep your self-esteem high?

Anna says hello and today we will talk about self-esteem.

I believe that nurturing and improving your self-esteem are strong foundations for a healthy relationship with ourselves. Still, most of the times, we consider it as given and let it destroyed, very easily. Most of the times in fact, we only notice it when we are too down.
Allow me to introduce some questions, which may have never crossed our mind, while they show how we handle self-esteem:

  • How many times have you shared an opinion in a debate which was different from others and accepted to get yourself disrespected for that?
  • How easy is it to be faced to somebody who wants to abuse you mentally and psychologically? (Tsolo in MTV Shuga Down South, can tell us about it)
  • When did you last challenge a perception somebody you liked  had about you and which you were not aligned with?

In all of those cases, if you stood back you slowly opened the door to nurturing a low esteem of yourself. Indeed, self-esteem is not gained, self-esteem is nurtured.

In the world of social media, I perceive self-esteem as what you do of your personal brand. How do you build it? What do you put into it? It is a work of art as you shape your personality. You need to know yourself perfectly for your good and your bad. You will describe what you can stand and what you challenge.  For more information, on this subject, I will soon share some outlines of a presentation I did on personal branding.

In the meantime, I would add that developing your self-esteem is simply striving for the best version of yourself. It is standing for the values you believe with. With a high self-esteem, you can easily get out of unhealthy relationships before they affect you. When your self-esteem is high, you are probably more successful and truly happy.

I moved from a very high self-esteem in my junior and teenager years to a growing lower self-esteem in my early adult years, and now in my thirties to getting back to that high self-esteem. I feel everyday in my business, in my interaction with family and friends, the positive impact of valuing myself high.

I have also learnt how important it is to stand the bar, and to “fight” agaisnt any situation or person which could drag you down. I therefore recommend to all, this reflection on the state of your current self-esteem level, and how you can either maintain or improve it.

Now that we have discussed my perception of the need for high self-esteem, let me know your thoughts on the topic. The comment section, Facebook and Twitter are there for you.

Love, Anna♦

PS: Yeah, this was a short post, so feel free. The comments will make it go deeper.

One thought on “Why is it important to keep your self-esteem high?

  1. Que dire ? Une bonne estime de soi doit s’accompagner de bonnes valeurs. Elle doit se nourrir de l’amour, la compassion, le respect et la volonté de toujours faire de son mieux, sans céder au défaitisme ambiant. Une bonne estime de soi, comme tu le dis Anna aide à faire un pas quelque soit la situation mais, aussi même si les gens ont du mal à le dire est contagieux.


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