The  day I realized 31 was more beautiful than 30

On Monday, I turned 31 years old, and I realised this was being more sexy than 30 lol.

This is a very funny and not interesting tought, one may think. Indeed, 30 years old is generally considered as a magic number, a special number, the beginning of a new life, a rebirth. Therefore, 31 years old should just be common.

For me, this was not the case. Last year, I was few weeks to the birth of my first born child. Though, it could have been considered as a symbol, the fact it had not yet happened was reducing the impact. I had also left a well-paid job in an FMCG to launch my entrepreneurship journey. I was in couple, sure of our future.

Just a few months after, many things changed and I consider my 30th birthday has been one of the most challenging (still beautiful) year of my life. Therefore celebrating my 31st birthday seems like an outmost grace.

I am a single mummy, still happy entrepreneur, and outstandingly confident woman. Last year I had felt so well, I was probably a teenager. Many reasons for that but my 31st birthday made me realise how grateful I was for the life I have, the friends and family and most importantly the path.

Yeah on this 31st birthday, I encourage everyone to live their life to the fullest. Age ain’t nothing but a number . You can make what you want of it. There is no perfect time to be happy.  Moreover, you will find no perfect time to run for your dreams. Lastly, you can change/evolve at any time, all you need is to work on it.


In one year, I have evolved so much, and still I look like a teenager (laughters). I still love dancing. In addition, I am still fond of funny remarks, playing like a kid and so on and so forth.

My 31st birthday rocked it, much more than the 30th and to close these thoughts,  special thanks to all those friends who wrote to me, called, and where present. Special thanks to my mum for her beautiful gift, her encouraging words. Wonderful thanks to my sisters, for their love and their confidence. When I see the amazing womens they are becoming, I feel immensely honored to have been able to inspire them.

Love your life, Enjoy your life, Taste your Life. Happy birthday me!!!!

Any belated wish to share with me? Any thoughts on these new life perspectives? Feel free to share here in the comments section or on Facebook or Twitter. 

Love, Anna ♦

6 thoughts on “The  day I realized 31 was more beautiful than 30

  1. Je te dis merci, pour la richesse que tu nous offre au quotidien à travers ta belle plume. Comme toi je vais arrêter d’attendre le moment parfait et profiterais de chaque plaisir qui m’est offert dans la vie. HBD encore à toi Anna femme forte, maman, entrepreneur et bloggueuse.

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