About last night

Last night was the 4th of October and as I every evening, I was supposed to publish an article.

The article was not published and as I do now for many things that happen to me, I did take a lesson from it, and in a funny manner, I found the way to link it to strategy and marketing.

Indeed, I often used to write at late night, after putting my lil princess to sleep. It was easier, I felt more relaxed, the silence was all around me and apparently I had more inspiration. Since then, one thing happened. When night comes, and especially after taking care of Lil Princess, I just feel like sleeping: a profound sleep, the kind of sleep from which nothing can get you away from.

And there comes the morning, and no post has been written. So yesterday, I tried to write after the sleep, and as last week, that was impossible. So, I have got back to my old ways, writing earlier, scheduling ad off we go.

What have I learnt from the above

  1. Having a strategy is great (writing one post per day), but reflecting early on the execution is even greater.
  2.  When you talk about execution, it is not just doing it but also ensuring the quality of the execution standards. In my case, choosing to write after managing Lil Princess was a poor move. Indeed, at that moment, I am more tired, less reactive. Therefore, even if I manage to write, the post will loose in quality.
  3.  Promises given to your community/ customers are to be maintained. I felt strange indeed, not delivering on the goal. It is a personal goal but taken to my community of readers. They expect my articles and letting them down in the long row, can downgrade my “views” or simply chase them away. They may chose to follow Self-ish instead, a platform which respects its daily goals.
  4. Timing is strategy. It is meant to get the right impact. Therefore defining the right timing either for an article, either for a product launch, either for any element of exeuction of marketing strategy, timing is always critical

So last night could be considered as a failure but as very often in life, it ended up at a wonderful lesson that I am able to share with you all just right now.

Plus, it gave me the opportunity to mention my initial core, the job I am the most passionate about and for which I was trained : Brand management or more simply considered as Marketing.

Great evening peeps. What are you thoughts? Have you ever encountered those kinds of situations where a challenge becomes a blessing? Feel free to share. Reading you, will be my pleasure.  Just comment here, on Twitter, or on Facebook

Love, Anna♦

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