Sweet Seventeen Lil Sis

There are times for sadness, just like the past few days on this blog, but there are also times for happiness and celebration just like today.


Today,  I am celebrating a special girl, a special individual in my life, one of my true reasons to wake up very morning and say: thank you Lord.

She is kind-hearted, intelligent (it is true this can often be said of people we love, but this is a demonstrated truth as far as she is concerned), practical and ambitious. She has inherited from her mother the art of managing a house (not sure I am doing that good). She is already a great cook and loves taking care of the house, of us, just as if she was the elder. 

In the last weeks, she has proven me to be stronger that I would have never imagined. I never doubted it, but in times of perfect difficulty and that young, many others would have fallen. As far as she is concerned, she stands still. She can be sad for few hours, a day, never longer. She can even be for longer but she would keep it in the bottom of her heart. On one side, she will dwell on it when hidden, and on another side, she will do her best to move on, bit by bit, until she has achieved it. On top of being strong, she is authentic. Count on her to tell you, if you screw up.

As a human being, she is not perfect, she has areas of improvements just as any of us, but in my eyes, she is growing perfect. Growing, that is the word indeed. I did not see her grow, one day she was my baby, the next day she became that powerful, ambitious and tenacious young lady that I see everyday.

Now, I plainly gave birth myself but to me she is and will remain my first and lovely child. Her mum, our mum can be proud. Soon, she will be graduating from high school, moving to the hard world of college. I am apprehensive, I have that fear that it may drastically change her, but I am sure, it will for the good.

In the meantime, I wish a happy birthday and sweet seventeen to this little precious of mine, my lil sister, my star, one of my pillars. Let the Lord grant us many more years to live together.

Love, Anna♦

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