What if Brexit did had an effect on the world


Have you ever experienced that feeling when you have so many ideas going through your mind and you don’t know which one to choose? I am living this right now. So many things going through the news, so many things happening on this world and so many I would like to discuss with you.

De ce fait, je vais le faire en plusieurs épisodes au cours des prochains jours. Les sujets qui me turlupinent sont:

  • Le Brexit, vu sous l’angle d’une citoyenne du monde (parce qu’en tant qu’Africaine pour le moment, je ne saurais dire que ça change ma vie)
  • La progression des régimes dictatoriaux en Afrique et la découverte d’un d’entre eux en particulier, l’Érythrée
  • La condition sans cesse bafouée des femmes à travers le monde
  • La beauté du métier de commercial

That said, let us start with the hottest topic which is #Brexit and in order to highlight my point of view, I will go back to history.


In 1945, World War 2 and its more than six million deaths, was ending. The World was completely down and many countries which until then had represented great powers, were totally devastated and wreckless. This had been the result of both world wars and the rising extremism and poverty which had separated them.

In the urge to ensure this never happened again, countries were forced to look at other opportunities to live together. They were forced to look differently at their urge for imperialism and to consider how to work together. In Europe, the urge was bigger. Germany was nothing, France was a catastrophy, Russia at the same point and so on and so forth. In that space, Great Britain though afflicted, was not in the poorest state. In the years to come, the need for partnership grew and this is how slowly and steadily, with the support of the United States of America, European Union came to live.

I would say this is a very short and eventually one-sided summary  but after all, I have already chosen my side.

Indeed, I want to think of the European Union as an inventive way at the time, to stop war, as a different way to foster peace, unity and partnership.

The basics would be, the more we share together, the more we have in common, the less tempted we are to fight one another. In the early beginnings, this was very true, the countries initially members of European Union had much to share from an economic, cultural, social and politic perspective. As the Union grew all over the years, and especially as it opened in the nineties and the 21st century to Eastern Europe, and namely countries like Turkey, some voices started challenging the difference.

Those voices challenged the fact that there were more and more different cultures, different level of richness and different values among the people of European Union. Personally I can easily understand this, when thinking about the previous centuries. Indeed, Europe was initially a land of monarchies and most of those European monarchies had family linkages somehow. So, if you start adding countries like Turkey who were more of the Ottoman world, people could feel, this is not us anymore. But still, this is my opinion.

To cut it short, people in the last decade, have been more observers of the flaws of the union rather than recognizing its advantages. Economic crisis in some of the member countries (Greece, Spain, etc..) have given the feeling especially to more wealthy members that they were being screwed. When you consider, the crisis has touched all of Europe and in all countries (France and even UK), poverty is growing, it is easy to understand the closure.

It is easy to understand but I would say it is really sad to observe. Western countries and especially European countries, have all over the centuries invaded others. Their so-called wealth is based on the suffering of other countries. A country like United Kingdom is a very good example. Indeed, when UK through Queen Victoria, used to rule the world this was thanks to the colonies obtained all around the world (e.g. India) and their revenues. Therefore, I could say and I believe Europe has always been rich by opening to others. Today, the effects of their invasion and selfishness has reached them. Poverty is not decreasing all over the world. Dictatorial regimes are making it a nightmare for their citizens to stand living in their countries. Wars generally developed by Occidental powers, whatever  their motives have destroyed countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria for the least) and immigrants are flying massively to those countries which created the chaos. Those countries are all based in Europe, allied with the US.

In France, Germany or United Kingdom, people complain about immigrants. In UK, they complain so much that they have felt European Union was making it easier for those immigrants to enter their country therefore they needed to quit. This European Union had meanwhile accepted that they kept their currency, that they were not in Schengen so they still had much of independence. I surely do not understand all of it, but what I get pretty clear is UK has decided today to close to the world, to this world that has been for centuries its richness provider.

Extremism is growing all around the world. Wealthy countries have created chaos through their head of states and their citizens want to pretend they are not responsible for this chaos and get away with it.

Extremism is the basis of intolerance. Extremism is the basis for WAR. United Kingdom has sent the highly violent and unworthy message that they are ok with extremism. They are ok with living on their private island when they have taken so much advantage of how open the World and European Union has been to them. It is extremely sad to witness how bad this world we are living in is growing.

I wish the English people will not pay a too heavy price for their extremism. I hope this will not spread too far around Europe and the world. I hope, in the face of extremism and isolationism, people of the world will stand still. Now, as an African citizen, I really hope the fact we are no more colonies, will keep us afar from the growing chaos (though I doubt it).

A new era is starting in this world. WWIII could be at our doors. Let us remain vigilant.

Love, Anna♦

2 thoughts on “What if Brexit did had an effect on the world

  1. trop idealiste et reveuse, je te trouve sur ce coup ci. There is nothing new and no actuality with the BREXIT.


    1. My dear, je dirai que pour le coup c’est toi qui sous-estimes le poids de ce que tu ne comprends pas totally. I lived in those countries so I know my point has some validity. Time will calmly tell. Observes mieux le monde et certaines de ses dynamiques.


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