Clean off your mind,now!

Have you ever felt oppressed? Have you ever felt there was too much running in your mind? Did you ever feel that you had too much to do and had no clue where to start? 

Feeling oppressed, feeling there is too much to do, too much happening, too much of everything, this is the easy road to stress, this is the easy road to burn out.

It often starts so easily. You feel your boss gives you too much work. You feel the business does not understand you. In your personal life, you feel your partner does not understands you anymore. If you have kids, you start feeling the load. You see them in terms of responsibilities, not treasures. You can’t fix your mind on one idea, one project. 

With this feeling of being overloaded, procrastination comes along. You can always do the things tomorrow and in your life, tomorrow becomes one week, one month, one year, and very soon a lifetime. But the worse is you are all conscious of it. Everyday, you think about all those things you should already have done, achieved by now and you feel overwhelmed. You feel you are in a vicious circle, you can no more stop it. You suppose that is too late to change, too late to stop the negative movement.

Still someone needs to tell you. It is all in your head, it is all on you. The pain will never stop if you don’t decide it to stop. The things will never get done if you don’t start doing at least one of them. Your career will never be what you want it to be, if you don’t act, if you don’t discuss with your line manager. Your partner will never know you need a break, a change in habits, attention, if you don’t tell him.

Your mind will remain full until you decide to clean it off. So just start now, take a step, one small action. Draw a list of all what is packing your mind. Choose one thing in the list to do. Just do it, and enjoy the relief, enjoy the sensation. Slowly, steadily, one action after the other, you will take back control of your peace of mind, of your life.

Love, Anna♦


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