4 lessons learned from a simple choice

Today, I made a choice. I chose Game of Thrones over you 😎😎, and now I am paying the price.

Indeed, I was expected to publish my daily ramblings before midnight as everyday. It is now 1.30 am in Cameroon and here am I catching up while you must be sleeping. What happened is, I made a choice. Those are a few points learnt from that choice.

1. We always have priorities

I came hone quite late tonight and my daughter was still awake. My priority was therefore playing with her.

To that priority, I added looking for, downloading and watching GOT’s Season 7 latest episode. That is my Monday routine since this season started.

When the episode ended, it was around 10.00 pm. I naively thought that Lil Angel would sleep fast. #error.

Result: I am writing at 1.00 am, admitting my priority was not writing here tonight.

2. Our choices can define who we are or want to become

Today, I switched to survival mode as described by Benjamin P Hardy. Indeed, I was in a hurry for #GOT because of spoilers read on Facebook. I wanted/needed to know what was happening. Still, it is just a TV show created by others. On the other hand, writing here daily is a personal lifestyle choice. Do you sense the difference?

It is very easy to get carried away by others, by our environment. Most of the times, we are also carried away by what seems more easy or straightforward. We look for high shoots of emotions, energy. We want it fast, we want it good. Simply put, we often look for short cuts, quick rewards.

Therefore our life choices can get impacted by that race for satisfaction. Writing and having the opportunity to share my experience, provides lasting peace. I have always thought about finding a way to help/inspire others. I have always felt that need because I saw positive effects on others when I did try. Your comments, shares give me that sense of purpose. Still, it is steady growth. Sometimes, an article to which I would have put all my heart to, will get only few views. Still, I am achieving a long-term objective not a quick effect shoot.

Two choices, if not checked and reviewed, can have as result totally different effects in my life.

3. We should stay in control always

Indeed, GOT vs. writing, this felt apparently like no big deal. Still, if I did not question this temporary choice, the habit could stick. Leisures are good and important for the mind. Still, we need to choose them wisely in conjunction with our life goals.

Therefore, we must keep the control. Why not take some time with yourself? Daily introspections can help you review the quality of your actions vs. Your goals. Consequently, you can quickly adjust were need be.

4. Keeping the fun is critical

Life is not meant to be a permanent hurdle. From a strange choice of priorities, I created this post. Therefore, I transformed an apparent mistake into a positive outcome. Indeed, never let yourself being demoralized by a shortcoming. Enjoy your life, learn fast from your “poor” choices and move on. You have a life to live.

What are your thoughts on life choices? And by the way, are you a GOT Fan? Share your opinion in the comments section as well as Twitter and Facebook.

Love, Anna ♩

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