Peace Day

Today 21 st September, is celebrated the international Peace Day.

At one step from My bed, I had to stop by and share with you all what peace means to me and how important it is to maintain it. The post will be quite short (or rather straight to the point, as would say Americans).

Peace is what I have lived through in all my life in Cameroon. It would have been great if the peace had gone along with increased and sustained prosperity but this is another debate. I cherish our peace really and each time I think about political alternance, I pray hard that as citizens, we will start playing our game now (registration on elections list, more interest to politics) rather than just waking up one morning and scattering everything for the sake of change.

Peace means more protection for women.Indeed, in most conflicts though men die more often (generally because they are members of armies), women are more and more used as terror arms. This can happen through rape, severe and agressive injuries. When a woman is destroyed, it is a whole family that is brought to vanish or wish is confounded into shame.

When I look at other countries in Africa and the everlasting negative impact of war in most of them, I cherish My peace.

Still peace is not Only thé opposite of war. Peace is also in pour standards relations: avoiding shouting, fights, supporting love within families. You may not always like each other but you should always do your best to live together as one. This stands for our families, associations, sports club, etc.

The day is closing and peace was the theme. Happy night loving readers,

Love, Anna.

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