Those Days

Those Days, you are reminded life is tough,

Those Days, you realize you will never sleep the same again,

Those Days, you realize no one has a plan, only God has.. Continue reading “Those Days”


Peace Day

Today 21 st September, is celebrated the international Peace Day.

At one step from My bed, I had to stop by and share with you all what peace means to me and how important it is to maintain it. The post will be quite short (or rather straight to the point, as would say Americans).

Peace is what I have lived through in all my life in Cameroon. It would have been great if the peace had gone along with increased and sustained prosperity but this is another debate. I cherish our peace really and each time I think about political alternance, I pray hard that as citizens, we will start playing our game now (registration on elections list, more interest to politics) rather than just waking up one morning and scattering everything for the sake of change. Continue reading “Peace Day”



When do love starts, when do love ends? When does love make any sense? When does love become nonsense? When does love make your heart beat so fast? When does love make you feel so sad? How can love get to hate? How can love get the pace? When do we understand that love comes to an end? Does love ever come to an end? … Continue reading Love

Ma Mum, mon inspi

Hello Beautiful People,

Á Journée spéciale, publication très spéciale. Quelques semaines après le monde anglophone, le monde francophone célèbre aujourd’hui 25 Mai, la Fête des Mummies.

Je n’ai pas encore eu le privilège d’être mamoune mais j’ai hâte de l’être quand j’observe le rôle unique que “my own special mother” a  joué dans ma vie.

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