Saturday- Night-

Ideal Saturday, a tale of time going by

When I  was five years old, living in the early nineties in Cameroon’s economic capital, Douala, Saturday night meant The Cosby Show and a local Cameroonian show “L’Orphelin'”. It also meant this famous Guinness ad, Michael Power.

The family was all there, sometimes including my grandmother and we were just there, full of laughters and silly comments.

In my high school years, the Saturday nights meant those rare moments where we could all spend time with mum and my siblings. We were now our own new kind of family, as my parents had divorced. On some Saturdays, it would mean pizza offered, or an afternoon at the movie’s with my nanny, her children and my siblings.

When I left for France around 14 years old, Saturday meant funny TV nights in boarding school. We would rent a movie, generally a comedy, gather on that small screen in the dark and have all the fun possible with silly remarks. Sometimes, I would skip the movie night and prefer the quiet space of my room, good music and a good book, letting my mind wonder and rethink the world through litterature. On other instances, and generally along with the movie evening, it would be precious chat moments with friends from all around the world, dearly missed.

In my college years, Saturday nights would differ from one year to another. Sometimes it was movie night out, some other times it would be party, sometimes it would be some time at a friend’s place, sometimes it would be an evening with the boo, chatting, cuddling, some other times, the internet, reading and music would still be the key. Generally, it was quiet times.

When I returned in Cameroon and started working, my Saturdays were really eclectic. I would remember the crazy night outs for office celebrations. I would also remember crazy night outs with friends, having in common my dancing night fever (up to 5.00 am, otherwise that was not party). I would remember those other times at home, watching “The Voice”, laughing out loud with mum and siblings. I would remember sometimes those work evenings either at home or in the office. Saturday nights were diverse, versatile.

In the past year, Saturday nights have become calmly more and more quiet. More private time, more epic time (oh yeah), doing less crazy things. Even more reading, even more music, even more movies but most of the time at home. On top of it now, in the last months, a wonderful other being, which must have all my  attention, has taken the scene of the Saturday nights. She brings joy, silly laughters, gets me back to being a child, just for her to grow with all the fun around.

Saturday nights have been all through the years a great reflect of my life’s evolution, and I believe many of you can share this analysis. We are given birth, we grow, change, our needs evolve and so as our relaxing time do. Still, I believe some principles will remain:

  • your real hobbies will never totally changed (as far as I am concerned dancing, reading, music have always been there)
  • your loved ones may change “names”, “status”, but they will always be linked to “family” being your parents and siblings in the early days or your husband/wife and/or children in the older days, being it your dearest friends. Those who care will always have for you the name family.
  • your needs and therefore attitude towards leisure time, will evolve through your life experience, your status change (bachelor to husband, spinster to wife, junior manager to MD, child to parents, etc.)

In other words, your Saturday nights generally paramount for fun, will evolve just as your life will evolve and we always need to be ready for this (financially but most importanrly emotionnally). Saturday night, my funny moment.

And you, what about your Saturday’s, how do they impact your life routine? How far important are they to your life, how have they evolved and through which activities? Looking forward to your feedback in the comments.

Love, Anna♦


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