Fear Nothing, Just Do It

Today, let us discuss fear and how it can prevent us to take the best advantage of life.

Some weeks ago, I read a very inspiring post from Benjamin P. Hardy, entitled

“50 Ways Happier, Healthier, And More Successful People Live On Their Own Terms”.

One of the 50 ways mentioned was trying to do something you fear of, everyday. Since I had read the article (23rd of August), I was still to find the opportunity to exercise myself on this specific item, until yesterday. 

I was contacted on Thursday by the Afrobloggers Team to take control of their Twitter Account for one day. They have an initiative called #FrenchFriday during which they share tribune with an African francophone blogger on a specific topic for 24H. This week, the thematic was #Gabon2016.


I was really scared when I received the proposition and I just wanted to say no. I wondered how I could interact during one day with people, I did not know at all, considering that on my own Twitter account, I still have limited interactions with the world. I was scared not  to be able to create traction. I was scared that I would not be able to take the right angle on the conversation on #Gabon2016. Considering the current issues in the country (post-electoral riots), I was scared to make a mistake, or an unappropriate comment.

In short, I was scared to try something new and to open myself to strangers in a way which was supposed to help me promote my image, my e-reputation, on top of just having fun.

And I finally jumped. I said “Yes’ and during 24h, I had great fun, I received shout outs, and I loved discussing with the community.


I did not believe it could be that fun. I did not believe I could feel so free. I really thank the Afroblogger Team for the opportunity and I definitely learned one key thing


Love, Anna♦

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