LOTUS To Be Remembered


Michelle Obama, this is an inspiration. I feel so energised to be a woman, just by listening to her speeches, seeing her near her husband. She feels so relaxed, so confident but humble at the same time, so down to earth, the list is endless. 

Many would say this is just for the cameras and I would answer since when did you see someone in the politics world play its part so well?

In November, she will be gone back to her reality and the world will move on. For the fans, all around the world, just like me, the memories will stay and they are definitely plenty of nice memories to hang on. One of the latest is this stop in one of the funniest American TV show, “The Late Show with James Corden”. Michelle Obama sings, laughs and we even have the wonderful Missy Elliot as guest. For a Friday night, this is my gift to you. 

Love, Anna♦

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