Forgive and forget!

Forgive and forget. Credits:

Forgive and forget. This is the law to which every Christian is supposed to abide by, as we are supposed to love each other like ourselves.

Forgive and forget supposes that, no matter the harm, no matter the violence, no matter the suffering, you have to let go.

Forgive and forget supposes that you need to learn, more than accepting the pain and moving far from it (generally easier), you also need to abandun any complain towards the person who was responsible for the pain.

Forgive and forget is this thing you often believe you have achieved but you soon realize that you are not yet there.

Forgive and forget is necessary. It is necessary to truly move on. It is necessary to keep the full control of your life because nothing is more horrible than being led by revenge.

Forgive and forget is so easily said, but so difficutly applied. How do you get a mother who has lost a son, a daughter, to give forgiveness to the killer? How do you get a child to understand and forgive to this thief who killed his mother? How do you forgive for those innocent lives taken by terrorists? How do you forgive to this best friend who has chosen to betray you? How , how, and how do you really forgive?

I will not try an answer to this question because it is really hard. I will not try an answer to this question because every piece of advice, is simple to share but very dificultt to aply even and especially in a new environment. I will not try an answer to this question because forgiving and forgetting is an experience. You don’t talk about it, you feel it.

I want to forgive and forget. I need to forgive and forget. I look for the path to forgiving and forgetting. Indeed, the 2nd part seems the most difficult: how to forget? How to take only the constructive lesson for ever and ever?

Life is an interesting adventure. Forgiving and forgetting is one of its beautiful challenge in my way and I am ready to take the stand.

Love, Anna♦

PS: I just found this rockie song, talking about love, relationships and titled guess what “Forgive and forget”

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