8 reasons to celebrate

This morning, I read this inspiring post from Joyce Meyer and I just felt I needed to copy the title and copy the thinking for myself.

This inspiring and self-achieving Christian author, reminds us today the vertue of saying THANK YOU. She reminds what it means to be grateful. Indeed, so many of us have been gone along the way. So many of us, have lost friends, brothers, fathers and sisters. So many of us have gone through personal turmoils and still everyday, we are offered a brand new day. Still everyday, the Lord gives us a choice, enjoying our lives and thanking him for the gift or mourning, crying, regretting, etc..

Just as Joyce, and as a new month start, getting closer to the end of this exceptional year that has been 2016, I chose to be grateful. She took the stand of one year of gratefulness, listing everyday 8 reasons to celebrate, and I thought this was really a great initiative. So find below my list. What is yours? Blessed week, blessed month, Love.

  1. Grateful for Lil Princess
  2. Grateful for being alive
  3. Grateful for God’s love
  4. Grateful for all the difficulties which remind us of the beauty of God’s love
  5. Grateful for my unique and wonderful family
  6. Grateful for God’s inspiration everyday
  7. Grateful to be able to share with others and put a smile on their face.
  8. Grateful because as human beings, despite all the horrors happening at the moment, I still feel we are blessed on & on.

Love, Anna♦


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