Music, Dance & Me

Hello Hello Readers,

We are Monday. You are planning or not to have a nice day. You are looking forward or not to a happy, sad, busy week. On my side, I am on maternity leave, enjoying every single day the nice discovery and special moments with my daughter. More importantly, I always take some time, to enjoy music, dancing, and its joyful effect.

Oh yeah, as I am writing I am joyful. As I am writing, I am listening to a Cameroonian inspiring DJ named Cyrius Black and his playlist Hot Mix #2 designed for the one and only street party in Cameroon Apero Street. Where does this get us? What I like about Cyrius Black, is his ability to mix styles. One playlist is not necessarily 100% African Music or R&B, it is just a mix of songs, one after the other, all designed to provoke a powerful and unstoppable dancing reflex.

The guy has fully understood what music can be, how it is linked to dancing and just as if he knew me perfectly, he has understood what those two mean to me. Music is a healer, an energizer, a drug since I can remember and since I can remember, I have always associated it with dancing. Dance is another extension of me. Being it while driving, being it in the office, being it while typing blog posts, being it while nursing my daughter, being it when I am totally and absolutely sad,being it on a dancefloor, music and dance have always been part of me.

Enchanting, happy, energizing, mesmerizing, this is the world of dance, music and me.

If you wish to have a glimpse to this world and have a wonderful week, just listen below. Don’t tell me this playlist does not have some happy effect on you?

Great Monday Peeps. Enjoy, have fun and say THANK YOU DJ CYRIUS BLACK.

Love, Anna♦


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