We Are All Humans

On Saturday, 53 people died in Orlando and 50 others were injured, supposedly because they were gay. A few days before, it is a 22 years old rising star who died for no specific reason, just because someone decided she should die.

In the specific instance of the Orlando massacre, I have been reading some funny reactions in my Facebook News Feed and I tend to wonder how bad is the world becoming, how horrible we tend to be, how intolerant we appear to be. 

Indeed, I have grown up in an environment where homosexuality is not understood nor admitted. In my country, being recognized as an homosexual, can get you to jail. Therefore, I have not received the kind of education which could help me understand what being gay is all about and how it could be a standard way of living. Still, I have been thought to be open-minded, and based on this, I have learnt to accept gays like standards persons.  Why? Because we are all humans, created by God. Who am I, as a standard individual to judge someone else’s life or wrong doings? What gives me the feeling that I am better than him?

In this case, the battle is around homosexuality but it is just the same with all specific groups in the world (black racism, antisemitism, Christian vs. Muslim, Catholics vs. Protestants, etc..). The fact that we are unable to accept that we are all humans has being in the history of earth, one of the fastest driver for war in our world. So many people have died in world’s history because they were different, they were different in a specific environment, in a specific culture, etc..

Difference is suppose to make us stronger. Difference ensures we have different points of view on things and therefore makes life richer. Difference creates a world in which you learn everyday by getting to know others. When I say “I am Charlie”, if I am Cameroonian, i opened my hand to other people (the French) and learned about their suffering and empathized with it. If I say I am Kolofata, I remember myself that I am Cameroonian and that somewhere within my country, war rages. But if I don’t say any of those phrases, it does not mean that I don’t care. It may just mean (in my specific case) that I already feel the world is full of negativity, and I want to spread and share positive messages on my timeline, instead of counting additional deaths. Someone would think different, someone can have another perspective and this is just ok. We are humans.

Yes indeed, we are humans and every human life is a life. There is no better human than any other because we are in no way master of our lives. So please, fellow human beings, let us collectively make an effort for more peace, tolerance, etc. It sounds casual to say it, but in the times we are living in, it becomes critical to make that choice.

How do you feel about this post? What do you think about the fact that we are all human beings? Feel free to share your thoughts with a comment. 

Love, Anna♦


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