Living your life like a saga

Everyone in the world (ok, that may be too much but not so sure), so everyone in the world including you, reading me, right now (yeah, YOU) so everyone knows Dallas or The Bold And the Beautiful (also called Amour Gloire et Beauté or Top Model).

What does those two TV Programs have in common?  I consider them as sagas, contemporary sagas of well-known families,  characterized by big changes, unexpected adventures, and it just goes on and on and on…and somehow, the public keeps watching them. Let us hold, to this last sentence, “the public keeps watching them” that supposes there is some tension, novelty or expectation in there.

So, based on this, imagine you decided to live your life like a saga? What if, you wrote the story of your life just like a saga? More importantly, what if our lives were already sagas and we just did not realize it?

Personally, I have made the discovery in the past months and since then, I am just having great fun. Indeed, I decided after eighteen months of thoughts, to drop a standard marketing career in an FMCG after six years of hard work and much learning obtained. I launched my consulting business (this is a big word though) and two months after, I also joined a family business specialized in custom broking. Since two months, I added opportunity of representing a company selling freight. That is for the professional aspect. On another side, I discovered the world of living in couple, leaving the family nest. We made plans, perfect plans and then the life jut changed them all (will not add more for now lol), but in that space too, in less than nine months, massive changes.

In those different changes, I have learnt to enjoy life to its fullest. I have learnt to know myself better. For example, I hate doing the same things as far as work is concerned so my different activities, just help me being alive, differently, everyday. I have discovered the beauty of the pure commercial function (far different from Marketing) which I never thought I would like so much (it is a challenge to convince people). So, I am having fun everyday and it goes further than the only sense of “living your passion”.

In short, I just feel now that I can write an epic saga just with the story of my life and it feels good lol. If I died just now, I would be thanking God for all the experiences. You don’t need to watch Top Model or Dallas, or the Kadarshian’s to know what an epic life looks like. Look at yourself, look at your life, take the best of it, in short:

Live Your Life like A Saga!

Love, Anna♦

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