Is being black becoming that scary?

Yesterday, I wrote a post on the fact that Black Live did matter and most importantly that it should matter for black people all around the world. I just had the feeling it was not clear enough: Black Live Matters and UNITY is critical

Black Lives So Matter. Credits:

I am appalled when going through my News Feeds on Facebook. Indeed, I  can see that  most people mentioning or commenting the AltonSterling’s case are either living in the United States or in Europe. Is it to say, Africans don’t care about what happens to their fellow black man in another country? That is one aspect.

The other aspect, is really since when being a black man became so scary? I have friends living in the United States since years and I can’t feel anything but fear now. Yes, I am afraid, one day, one of those names, one of those useless victims of cobs racism, one of these victims will be a friend of mine.  Continue reading “Is being black becoming that scary?”


Just a reminder, Black Lives Matter

Hi (yeah for once I say hi), fellow readers. Consider this post as an open letter to all black people around the world. This is the voice of a young black woman telling her fellow black people all around the world: we need to stop the bullshit. Black life does matters and it starts with us.  Continue reading “Just a reminder, Black Lives Matter”