What about tomorrow?

Today, I thought i would not make it.

Today, i thought my life would end.

Today I decided, I would survive no matter what.

Tomorrow, there will always be a tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we may stop running.

Tomorrow, my wife, children and I may finally reach Turkey.

Tomorrow, we may be granted politic asylum.

Tomorrow, my husband will come back sober and if not, I will not allow him to beat me up anymore.

Tomorrow, Boko Haram will set me free, I may get back to school and I may finally become that doctor I pray to be.

Tomorrow, I may write a longer text.

Tomorrow, I may finally find that job I have been searching for months.

Tomorrow, I may finally find my perfect half.

Tomorrow, I may stop reminding that night at Bataclan

Tomorrow will be bright, safer.

Tomorrow, I will go harder, better, faster, stronger,

Tomorrow, will never be like today.

Today is a special day!

Love, Anna♦

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