Who told you, you can’t change?

Who said it was impossible to change? It is funny how in our environment, people can easily label others.

Indeed, we see people they way we expect them to be, the way we saw them evolve and never question our views. Moreover, as individuals we easily block ourselves from achieving our dreams because we believe we can’t change.

In the past two years, I have changed in ways I would have never expected and I believe anyone can make it.

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La lumière peut-elle toujours briller?

C’est au hasard d’une peine, que je prends ma plume électronique, pour vous encourager aujourd’hui.

Lorsqu’on ressent de la tristesse, on a le choix, s’y complaire à satiété ou regarder la vie telle qu’elle est: une somme d’expériences positives et négatives.

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While you are crying, people are moving on

This is exactly what I told myself this morning and this is exactly what the motivation video I am watching right now is telling me: “While you are crying, complaining, etc… others are moving on with their lives”.

Does it mean, we should live our lives comparing ourselves to others? Not even a second. It means much more and as far as I am concerned, it means the world. Let me tell you why and how. Continue reading “While you are crying, people are moving on”


When you are down and you hate yourself for that

Yes, this is just me these days and first of all, I don’t write this post for “sorry” and “you will be OK”. Please, next!

Do you know that feeling when you have a plan and you feel execution is wreckless? It makes you doubt the full plan though you have not yet implemented it. This is how I feel about my life right now.

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