Weekly Inspiration, 03-06/10/16

Hello all,

Bon ben là pour le coup, je suis un peu à court d’inspiration, ou plutôt en excès d’inspiration et je ne saurais par où commencer, ni quoi dire, sans en faire trop. Alors, je vais faire simple.

Ces derniers jours, j’ai lu pas mal de textes, ou appris des petites nouvelles qui m’ont retournées le cerveau mais dans le bon sens. Puisque plus on est de fous, plus on rit, je me fais le plaisir de partager: Continue reading “Weekly Inspiration, 03-06/10/16”


Self-Ish, the perfect discovery

Dear Guests,

There we go, with the second post of the week on “La Case D’Anna”. Welcome to you if this is the first time. Take a seat, enjoy the moment and feel free to come back or share.

In the meantime, I am presenting Self-Ish. Yesterday, i mentioned this new creative space which I was so pleased to discover.

Self-Ish is the new baby of the outstanding blogger (for me) that is Anne-Marie Befoune, blogging on citizenship and civil activism, just hereContinue reading “Self-Ish, the perfect discovery”


The day I discovered Medium

How it happened? Hmmmm I don’t really remember. In fact, it has only been a few months now but it feel like ages.

 I believe I was recommended an article to read and the said article was published on the platform and like for most social networks, I was invited to sign in in order to like the article, and there it all started.

There started my love story with Medium.  Continue reading “The day I discovered Medium”


Un court partage en musique

Cette soir, cette semaine, je n’ai pas très envie de faire de longs textes. Je n’ai pas réellement envie d’écrire, alors, l’inspiration est récalcitrante, l’inspiration s’étire. L’inspiration se conserve pour elle-même et s’éloigne de moi.

En ces temps où l’inspiration fait sa demoiselle, j’ai juste envie de partager ces autres choses qui passent par ma tête, qui égaient mon esprit. Ces choses, cette chose c’est la musique ou plutôt une découverte musicale, ou plutôt une initiative. Continue reading “Un court partage en musique”

How I fell in love with GOT!!

Game of Thrones, Season 6 Finale was aired in the United States yesterday. Thanks to internet’s magic, here seated in Douala, Cameroon, I was able today to enjoy it and once more say “Waouuh” in front of this entertaining program. Generally, I tend not to get addicted to TV Series. I often feel they are repetitive and that generally it just takes too much mental … Continue reading How I fell in love with GOT!!