Mes 3 petits secrets de productivité

En prélude au début d’une nouvelle semaine, je songeais à vous parler de productivité.

Cependant, je me demandais, sous quel angle prendre le sujet. En effet, dans notre monde où tout est “aller plus vite, aller plus haut”, la productivité est galvaudée. Que dire que vous ne sauriez déjà?

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5 Keys to Define and Achieve your Priorities

Fake it, twist it, do it until it becomes second nature. That is the tough road  I learned to choose to define and achieve my priorities

It sometimes so easy to dream awake of who you want to be or where you want to go. It is much more tough to make it happen and to strive for it consistently every single day. Some may say: how come? “It is all about passion”, some others would think. And they would be right but as I have already told you, passion is everything but the new sexy. Continue reading “5 Keys to Define and Achieve your Priorities”


Le pouvoir de l’action, je n’en doute plus!

Le pouvoir de l’action ou plutôt le pouvoir de l’intention, ou surtout et encore le pouvoir de l’action.

Au terme d’une nouvelle semaine de travail, de développement personnel, d’ambition, j’ai retenu une leçon simple: penser, vouloir et agir ont énormément de pouvoir.

Lorsque je pensais au titre de cet article, ou plutôt que je revivais ma semaine, les instants, les émotions et le vécu que je souhaitais partager avec vous, l’expression “le pouvoir de l’action” m’est venue toute naturellement et j’ai fait une petite recherche Google (mon meilleur ami). Continue reading “Le pouvoir de l’action, je n’en doute plus!”


I am evolving, would you follow me?

Hello Hello here,

Since December, I have been quite silent though active on this space (do you love the new design and organization?).

Silence was great. it got me to think even more about the wonderful and extraordinary things I could share with all those who took the time to read me in the past year. This thinking and reading, gave me THE ideas! Continue reading “I am evolving, would you follow me?”


One Year Ago, I became an entrepeneur..

One year ago, on the 14th of December, I decided to become an entrepreneur. After six years of work and passion  (the sexy word) in one of Cameroon’s biggest FMCG, I quit. During six years, I had worked on nurturing epic brands, I had learnt great life lessons, built some strong  friendships and felt I was ready to move on. It was a Monday, I woke up with a feeling of intense peace and renewed ambition.

Twelve months after, I feel privileged.I am privileged for the lessons, privileged for the additional experience, privileged for the hurdles

Twelve months after, I feel privileged. I am privileged for the lessons, privileged for the additional experience, privileged for the hurdles. One year as an entrepreneur and one year in the family business. Looking at it now, it was a quite crazy challenge: five months- pregnant, taking on two new jobs, one in a field where I had only limited expertise (custom broker and forwarding agent) and another where though I had the technical skills, I needed to manage everything (marketing consulting). Sexy, challenging on paper. In real life, essentially challenging. Below, five business tips learnt from this epic year: Continue reading “One Year Ago, I became an entrepeneur..”