Battling with a blogging challenge

This week, WordPress celebrated my birthday: 5 years of blogging. 5 years!

When I launched my first blog, LaBiblioAfro, I did not expect it to last for that long, neither when I launched La Case d’Anna one year after. Still, I am Here.

What am I doing here exactly? I do wonder sometimes. I wonder even more since I have launched that #postadaychallenge, and I keep on launching it back.

Meanwhile, I am often of that Tedx video which started it all. I watched this woman telling how she had tried that 21 days challenge to stop complaining and she had achieved it finally after six months.

When will I finally achieve my own challenge? One day surely. Why continue? To unlock the magic. So let me get ready to unlock the magic.

Do you feel the last paragraph does not have much sense? Maybe but is everything obliged to be logical? If asked, why I love writing, I could give so many reasons. Meanwhile, the truth is, I just can’t help writing. It is a part of me. I write about everything and nothing most of the times.

When I was a child, I wrote about my life, my aspirations, my misses and wishes. Some of these writings shaped the person I have become today. It just felt like writing gave power to things in my own perspective.

I still believe it gives power. For example, I mentioned this challenge in my 2018 plan. It is true that, a plan can be adjusted. Still, it feels like slightly giving up.

My rambling gets sense (or at least more sense to me), my motivation remains and I will keep trying until I deliver.

What do you think about it? What is the last time you had to challenge yourself? When is the last time you tried to achieve something which seemed impossible to you? How did you go through it?

Let us talk here, on Facebook or Twitter. In fact, just spread the word, share a note, I need your positive energy!

Love, Anna♥

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