5 Keys to Define and Achieve your Priorities

Fake it, twist it, do it until it becomes second nature. That is the tough road  I learned to choose to define and achieve my priorities

It sometimes so easy to dream awake of who you want to be or where you want to go. It is much more tough to make it happen and to strive for it consistently every single day. Some may say: how come? “It is all about passion”, some others would think. And they would be right but as I have already told you, passion is everything but the new sexy.

To carve your priorities in life and stick to them every single day, and eventually succeed, it will demand much from you. You will need to search deep in your soul and hearts. From my personal path, find below some few learning about finding out your priorities and sticking to them

1. Know yourself

This one could be considered “very easy”. Still, it is not.  It is critical to be true and brutally honest to yourself. Are you lazy? Are you not so into meeting new people but your work demands it everyday? Are you a perfect fan of procrastination? Figure all those things out and adapt quickly to them. There will be no point disappointing yourself in writing objectives which you will never be able to achieve. That eight-kilometers march every morning? Drop it. We all know you hate walking. However, you love swimming. Therefore, find a way to swim 30 minutes everyday. It is more likely you will be consistent about it.

2. Build a thorough and precised to-do-list

The To-do-List often seems like something we can drop or live without. You woke up this morning, and you believe you exactly know what you want to do. Plus, you are so much in a haste that writing down the list would take you too much time. Perfect. Then, you reach the office and nothing turns out as planned and at the end of the day, you don’t even remember what you had initially planned to do.

The To-do-List allows you to remain connected every month, every week, every day, to your priorities and objectives. It is the best tool to evaluate your progress. It can often be depressing when you get so cut up that all the main tasks become “Due”. Still, it is at that point a great reminder that either you are not giving the right amount of time to what you consider as priorities, either those priorities were not well defined in the first place.

Lastly, there is no success without organization and “to-do-list” are at the heart of the conversation.

3. Put yourself first

My friend Befoune from Self-ish, nicely put it in one of her recent posts. You can’t achieve your dreams by constantly focusing on others people’s priorities, needs or wills. It absolutely makes no sense to manage your life in such way. Trust me, I have been there, done that, came back, it just sucks. No other word for it.

Get the control and do things for YOU. No one Will be able to live your life for you, once you are dead.

4. Constantly go back to the vision

Being it for a business OR for your life , always ask yourself if you are taking the right direction. Think about it and permanently adjust.

Once again, there will be no regrets in heaven. There will just be you, dead and with no possibility to turn back the hands of time (even Buddhist talk about reincarnation, which means, you have a new life to live, not the old life to fix).

5. Consistency

This item is my own personal enemy and the one most of us have. Defining your priorities without being consistent about them is a planned suicide which will surely be successful. Yes you will die out of despair. Plus, it is very easy to get off the road.

Take it easy, one day at the time. Take some moments to reflect on what could have been done better, review and adjust. You will be fine but you need to really want it. Whatever the objective, with no consistency, you will obviously not get there and that should be your focus

So here we go on these few tips on effectively defining your priorities and staying true to them. If inspired, please do let me know. If you are willing to share additional principles, ideas, feel free. On Twitter, Facebook or in the comment section, Be my Guest.

Love, Anna♦

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