Donald Trump made it 😠😠

Yes, Donald J Trump since the 20th of January 2017 is officially president of the United States of America. And so what? Are you American, talk about Cameroon and your own problems?

Indeed, some could righteously wonder why I care so much about what happens in a country so far from mine. In fact, I had even decided to stay silent, or at least to wait for the first 100 days. In the meantime, he signed his decree banning entry to US from citizens of some Muslim countries, and I read this article from Al Jazeera News on the subject.

Then, I decided I would talk about Donald J Trump, or more globally (and therefore create a link with the situation in Cameroon), about the effect of political decisions on citizens’ lives.

In the article from Al-Jazeera, I was mostly touched by the story of this Iranian PHD Student in the United States, which had went home for holidays and was returning to the United States when the ban had been signed. She was at JFK Airport, when she was arrested by the police, and forced to get back in a plane leaving for Turkey, in order to qui the United States. Hopefully, thanks to communication tools such as a mobile phone, and thanks to a court judgement, lawyers were able to intervene and get her off the plane. Still, the trauma is there.

It made me think about those politics which some years ago, decided to sign the OHADA treatee in Cameroon. OHADA is the association for harmonization of Business Law in Africa. This organization is also the one which sets the accounting rules respected in the member countries. Meanwhile, though called “African” association, it is composed of 17 members only (out of the 52 African States) and all French speaking. Texts from this institution have never been translated in English. Still, when the government decided to become a member of this institution, he may have forgotten that several companies and economic actors of its country, where English speaking. As a result, frustration has been growing in the anglophone part of the country, for this and so many other reasons.

Politicians like Mr. TRUMP, or as our leaders here in Cameroon, believe either that they owe only to the people who voted  for them, or that they are fully empowered to behave as they wish, as long as they are holding the institutions.

Meanwhile, in democracy or more simply to maintain the support of the people, you need to think through your measures, in order to limit negative impact for the citizens.

Creating and nurturing frustration among citizens, only has as effect to weaken the countries’ unity. Terrorism, extremism, violence, wars, those are direct consequences of high frustration and Mr. TRUMP (which tends to create frustration, even just in words), has been now given the space to them, just as Cameroonian goverment gave space to frustration by refusing to listen to poor protestants.

We are living tough times. Very tough, all over the world.  And stay tuned, because for many reasons, I am interested in the way Donald Trump’s presidency moves forward. I will probably say more in upcoming articles.

In the meantime, how do you feel about this election? How can it impact the world or your country? Looking forward to your insightful comments. 

Love, Anna♩

PS: It was really hard to find a picture of him where he looked normal, but I did find one.

5 thoughts on “Donald Trump made it 😠😠

  1. Is there any nation in this world that meets some of the globally-shared characteristics of development and which has started to be governed through democracy. I don’t think so. And even today, most of such nation’s citizens think they are models to the so called “poor nations” because they have been able to reach better living standards. But at whose expense and through which means? Only history can tell.

    It feels comfortable to think one’s expectations would definitely be taken into consideration by the leaders brought to power through one’s vote. However, facts generally prove such assumption wrong as with power come all sorts of temptations. Besides whatever we might suggest today as solutions will never or hardly satisfy everyone affected by the leaders’ decisions. People in Nothern Africa wanted change: is their life any better than before?So my last point would be that change should mostly be brought from within because one cannot pretend to be independent when applying policies essentially suggested from outside the nation.


  2. Je ne comprendrai jamais la logique selon laquelle parce qu’on n’est pas ressortissant d’un pays, on ne peut pas (ou ne doit pas) s’intĂ©resser Ă  la politique de ce dernier. C’est selon moi une absurditĂ© totale. Les actes/ dĂ©cisions des leaders de chaque pays, ont un impact non seulement sur le plan domestique mais aussi international. La preuve, le “Muslim Ban” de Trump. Ce n’est que logique de s’y intĂ©resser car ça commence par ça, mais jusqu’oĂč ira t-il? Quel sera l’impact de sa politique sur le monde? Sur l’Afrique? Nous devons nous y intĂ©resser mĂȘme si nous n’avons pas de vĂ©ritable levier d’action.
    En ce qui concerne notre cher Cameroun et le passage en force (tant et toujours) de nos autoritĂ©s, je ne sais mĂȘme plus quoi dire et quoi penser. Quand on sait que voilĂ  deux mois maintenant qu’une grande partie de nos compatriotes est coupĂ©e de l’accĂšs Ă  internet…


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