I am evolving, would you follow me?

Hello Hello here,

Since December, I have been quite silent though active on this space (do you love the new design and organization?).

Silence was great. it got me to think even more about the wonderful and extraordinary things I could share with all those who took the time to read me in the past year. This thinking and reading, gave me THE ideas!

I have to admit I missed you all. Still, I did not miss my lack of regularity. Indeed, since November, I was writing less as I felt, I had said it all. The 365 day blogging challenge made it even more tough.

As a matter of fact, how can one be writing everyday on a non-specialized blog, unless you start telling all the details of your life? Am I a star for my life to be that epic? The answer is no.

As a result, I am coming back to you with some few changes, which I hope will be of interest (plus, I requested some feedback from readers, THANK YOU to those who answered).

There we go:

  • Frequency: Expect at minimum one article per week. I may feel like writing more and may tend to write more, still what you should stand by is ONE article per week.
  • Timing: The posts will be published in the evening, as from 7.00 PM to 11.00 PM. It just follows the way my life is organized.
  • Tone: Funny, crazy (just like me) and not necessarily objective. Indeed, the world I describe, the opinions I share, are a reflect of my perception. It is NOT the truth, NEVER the truth, just MY truth. As a personal principle, I don’t speak about what I don’t know. I do my best to stay informed. Meanwhile, the bias exists and you need to ackowledge it while reading.
  • Content: As per the updated menu, I am Human,  a Woman, an Entrepreneur, and an “author”. I share experiences, thoughts, tips. Indeed, I believe the world would be brighter if we all helped/ shared with each other. This editorial line seems very close to the actual one. Still, it is CLOSE, not ALIKE. Please, be prepared to fee the change.

In short, happy to be back here, grateful to share and impatient to read your thoughts.

Yes, your thoughts/ideas, comments in short, an African house takes pride in its guests. You are expected, either in comments, or on Twitter and Facebook.

Love, Anna♦

PS: Consider this already as the weekly article, yeah I define the rules 😃😃😄

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