A Tale of November and Life Lessons

Back here, back to writing, back to expressing the thoughts, the melted thinking into words.

November has been a tough month for me and  at the same time full of infinite pieces of learning. I thought I did not have the time to write, or more importantly, I did not want to write. Indeed, I had the feeling that if I wrote, I could let out some of those truths which I wanted to keep personal.

Nevertheless I am back here, it is December, last month of the year and I feel immensely GRATEFUL.

2016 has been a year of massive changes and transformations, and just so you know it did not come easy. In fact, I had already been told: if you launch a big change being it behavioral, financial or professional and you don’t feel it in your bones, this means it is no where close to a change, it is simply a makeover.

More about November, from a business, personal and development perspective, as I said it was NO. On the business side, I experienced the pressure of delivering within tight deadlines. It was not the first time of my seven-years career, still it was really the first time while working for myself. The stakes were high (a nice deal) and needed to achieve efficiency and quality. I succeeded in the challenge, still it required complete focus and dedication.

On a personal side, I lost some loved ones. More and more young people die too early,too often and when you expect it the least, some of them are close relatives, friends, direct colleagues or all-in-one. I now have to admit and accept that grief is as common as joy. In this evolving new world, we have to face it, accept it and give all the honors to those who leave when they leave. Very cynical perspective one would say but mere truth.

From a self-development perspective, the past unwillingly came to knock at my door. I had to look at it one last time, rediscover it and plainly move forward. Memories make lessons, lessons make changes, changes define who you are.

Memories make lessons, lessons make changes, changes define who you are.

Evolution is therefore at the heart of human beings’ live.  In November, some other discoveries:

  • Change is coming in my beloved Cameroon (opportunity for another Post)
  • Emotion can massively affect productivity ( blunt reminder)
  • Family is all (again and permanently)
  • Others which i tend to forget, in fact I tend to forget much these days (another fact accepted this month)

Now, dear readers, would love to hear from you. How was your November, or more generally, did you have a very difficult month this year? What did you learn from it? How did it change you? Would love to hear from you in the “comments” section. 

Love, Anna♦

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