Prayers in these times of misunderstanding, pain, cacophony, rage.

Prayers to bring the silence in me, the silence to think, act and change.

Prayers to manage the pain, temper the ill feeling, kill the hate.

Prayers to create in each of us the sense of change, the sense of improvement.

Prayers because praying is meditating, talking to God if you believe in him.

Prayers for all those angels gone so fast, too soon.

Prayers for all those they leave behind.

Prayers to make some sense because definitely it makes no sense.

Prayers to get in the minds of those so-called leaders,

Prayers to prevent a murder towards those so-called leaders.


Prayers because it needs to be different,

Prayers because it needs to change,

Prayers for it to change,

Prayers along actions to make it happen.

Prayers because we can’t stand it anymore,

Prayers because our eyes are full of tears,

Prayers because we are bleeding so much,

Prayers because the pain is everlasting.

Prayers because enough is enough.

Prayers because God needs to tell us if we are Sodome & Gomorre.

Prayers because one day, one day, oooh one day….


Prayers because right now, just right now I am speechless.

And you, what do you pray for?







Love, Anna♦

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